Mooh Dikhai Ceremony – A Post Wedding Ritual In Hindu Wedding

mooh dikhai rasam

Weddings are one of the most beautiful things that happen in our society. No matter what phase of life you are in, weddings have this amazing capacity to lighten our mood. My brother recently tied knot and let me promise you, it could not be a more emotional affair for all of us! One such moment was Mooh Dikhai. At first, I was a little confused as to what this ceremony would entail but then after a lot of research and observation, it became clear to me that this ceremony holds a serious meaning.

If you literally translate the word “Mooh Dikhai” it means “show your face”. It’s a ritual that helps the newlywed bride in introducing to her husband’s family. What happens is the family members of the groom take part in getting to know the bride and meets her with some gifts. Well, that’s a really short way of explaining it but don’t worry, I’ll go into the details.

Mooh Dikhai Ceremony is basically a post weeding ritual that is carried out in the house of the groom. I personally find it a sweet ritual because when the bride is introduced, every member of the family comes with certain gifts that are called “Shagun”. The mother in law of the bride presents her with gifts like jewellery, clothes, cash etc. Not just her, other members of the family and relatives offer her cash as well on lifting the veil to see the face. Isn’t that awesome?

Although it’s a traditional ceremony but there might be a few differences in the execution of the act as per the demographic and sociographic preferences of the families. It depends on how the families like to carry it out.

In most cases what happens, the bride sits with her face covered and one by one every member of the groom’s family come and lifts the veil to see the beautiful face of the bride. Once they lift the veil, they offer her gold, cash and saris out of love and as an act of welcoming her new family. Elders also offer their blessings to the bride for her future and luck.

Mooh Dikhai is a great way to strengthen the bond between the bride and her in laws. At the same time, it acts as an ice breaker for everyone as they might not be too familiar with each other.

Not just the bride, this ceremony also gives a chance to the other family members and relatives to catch up after a while of living separate lives due to busy life. The ambience is full of love, laughter, curiosity (to see the gifts, obviously). The bride also gets to relax and acquainted in this ceremony, so you see, it works for all of them at once!

Mooh dikhai ceremony shows that the bride isn’t a little girl anymore. She’s all grown up.  From being a father’s baby girl to be a bahu and wife is a massive transition and that’s realised at that moment during the ritual.

Different ethnicities and religions celebrate the Mooh Dikhai Ritual in their own ways. For example, Gujaratis, Marwaris, Baniyas etc do it slightly differently whereas, Muslims may have their complete new, different ways to celebrate so you see, the ceremony may vary from place to place but the basic meaning holds the same, which is welcoming the bride to the family and introduce her to the whole family!

Now if you want to know how Mooh Dikhai ceremony originated, well, back in some 100 years ago, most women wouldn’t attend the wedding ceremony probably because of lack of transportation in those days and they couldn’t travel such long distances. The baraat; groom’s family would travel to the bride’s village for the wedding and brought the bride with her. Now since she didn’t know anybody there, mooh dikhai gave her a good opportunity to get to the people around her. There the bride is supposed to sit and bow her head and cover her face with a veil. Then one by one each member would approach her and lift her veil, and present her with some item of value.

The Mooh Dikhai Ceremony got us and my sister in law so close. It’s because of those crazy, amazing and funny moments that we still talk about those moments and have a hearty laugh. When all our relatives come over we let our hair down. It’s definitely more than a ceremony, it full of love and affection. If you are looking for a suitable match for yourself, you can go to Brahmin matrimonial sites.

Every ceremony in our culture makes us emotional beyond measure. They have a meaning attached and it’s so beautiful that it makes us speechless with its awesomeness. Weddings are indeed the loveliest moments of one’s life!

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