Go For An Offbeat Monsoon Wedding With These Tips

monsoon wedding tips

“Marriage is a life long journey of learning to love”

Wedding day is the best day in any girl’s life. A girl dreams about this particular day from the time she hardly understands the meaning of marriage. A girl always decides what she will wear, how she will do her hair and where she would prefer to get married from a very young age. Her wedding day is a dream she has seen all her childhood and teenage. She mentally plans out all the details way earlier than she has even decided to get married. These decisions are an outcome of all the weddings she has been to.

My friend who is getting married told that she had planned out how her wedding day would look at the age of 16. She knows her wedding day should be straight out of a fairy tale, royal and elegant. I asked her what if it does not turn out the way she wants? She just smiled and said it will as that day is special and nothing can go wrong. But the twisted part is it’s a monsoon wedding.

I know you must be thinking then how can it be perfect as rain is unpredictable. When I questioned her on this she told me that you must have noticed that all the anniversaries in your family is celebrated between October – February. It is so, obvious to get married during the comfortable winter months. But I wanted something offbeat that is a monsoon wedding unpredictable yet beautiful.

Well, for her it was all about romance but this time is also perfect if you want lavish wedding but within your budget as you can easily bargain for a good rate with your wedding planner, decorators, photographers, and even the caterers. Do take advantage of the fact that not many weddings are scheduled during this time of the year. A quick smart move and your wedding expenses can be easily slashed down but you still get your lavish wedding.

Here are some monsoon wedding tips that my friend passed on to me and you should keep them in mind if you want to opt for monsoon wedding:

Let’s Start With The Venue:

The biggest challenge to organize a monsoon wedding is the venue. So, lets nail that first. For the pre-wedding functions, it is better to keep it outdoors so, that the guests can enjoy the beauty of the rain so, why not consider having a pool party! The guests will love soaking in the pool and getting drenched in the rain, simultaneously! Well you may think what about the adults well, in that case you can always do the main function in the banquet and the fun with your friends and cousins near the pool.

When you decide for the decor of the venue make sure that you go with complete waterproof décor but also keep in mind to choose a banquet or hall with big windows so that the guest can enjoy the romantic rainy backdrop. But if you want a lawn wedding make it a point to check that the décor is 100% waterproof so, that rains do not interrupt the wedding rituals. Also take special care of the transportation and make sure you make a covered galleria from the parking to the venue or have someone near the parking with big umbrellas so that your guests do not get drenched. Also have a power backup because there are frequent power cuts during this season.

Moving On To The Décor:

Rainy days generally makes people gloomy and sad so make sure you choose bright and vibrant colours for the décor so that it lifts up their spirits and they can enjoy the wedding and also the rain. You can come up with quirky themes as theme weddings are very much in trend these days. And please do not go for the same old flower decor think of something more vibrant and unique like colourful umbrellas or paper boat décor. It perfectly fits with the season. You can also go for classy elements like candles, curtains and strip lights.

Now For The Makeup:

Well the perfect makeup completes a brides look. So, a monsoon bride should never opt for cream based makeup only powder based makeup should be your choice that too the 100% waterproof ones. My friend went with the perfect makeup of a matt look which looked fresh and perfect for the season. Shimmers are not the perfect choice for monsoon wedding makeup. And for your hair it is ideal to tie it up into some classy hairdo that looks perfect for your face and is also easy to do.

Now For The Cloths:

Opt for light cloths and steer away from too much heavy embroidery it just gives you a jittery look and too much shimmer do not look appealing on a monsoon day. Instead opt for some eye catching colours with light yet classy work. That not only looks great but easy easy to manage. Specially for the brides. I know how every girl loves to match their shoes to their outfits so, make it a point to get into your beautiful stilettos only when the outdoor ordeal is over. And for your lehenga’s go for fabrics like georgette, chiffon or lace.

Now For The Food:

We all go to weddings for the delicious food so, make sure your guest does remember the food they have at your wedding. But first make sure you check with the caterers the ingredients they are using because you do not want your guests to remember the wedding as a wedding that got them sick because as it is this is a season that makes people sick. This is the perfect season for pakodas and streaming food. So, it is better if you do away with the iced food and serve verities of pakodas and hot soup. Trust me your guests will love it.

Wedding is the best day of any bride and groom’s life so, enjoy your day but in a unique way. You can get beautiful romantic pictures with rainy backdrop. Yes, it is true that this season is gloomy but sulking will make it gloomier so instead make some best memories in the rain. After all this season is known for its romantic nature. And I am sure you do not want to miss the chance to romance in the rain.

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