Modern Day Jewellery Options For The Sister Of The Bride

Modern Day Jewellery Options For The Sister Of The Bride

I have always believed that our sisters are our best friends as they are the ones who know us the best, they have seen us grow, they have seen the bad and good side of us, they are our partners in crime and most importantly they know how to handle our parents when they get over excited or too emotional. You must be thinking that even our best friend can do the same well, can they really? I don’t think so because your best friend might not have known you from your childhood but your sister did. So, on your wedding, it is your sister who would dance the most and also cry the most.
But if I had to write about myself I would be a bit partial towards my best friend as she has known me since childhood. But this is not about me it is for everyone out there who is about to get married and are busy with their shopping. I am sure your sister is taking you to shops after shops so that you can buy the best things for yourself. But sisters of the to-be-bride, what about you have you decided what accessories you are going to pair with those perfect outfits that you are about to don on the wedding day and other rituals.
If you have not then here are some of modern day jewelry options for you that you will love:

Tassel And Fringe Jewelry with Pearls And Stones:

Tassel and fringe are being used these days in everything be it clothing or shoes and even jewelry. If you ask me I like it in all the three but tassel and fringe accessories are my personal favorite as it is not only modern but also edgy and also has a traditional feel to it once worn. Well, if it is made of pearls and stone then there is no comparison as they would go with any kind outfit whether it is a saree or a lahenga or even an anarkali suit for that matter.

Kundan :

This is one of the oldest form of jewelry a girl opts to wear be it the bride or the sister but the modern day Kundan sets are even more classy and are usually gold platted so they are perfect for the sister. Well, you must be wondering won’t it we too heavy? No, it won’t as these days there are various kinds of Kundan sets and all of them are not too heavy. Best thing about Kundan is that it goes perfectly with Pastels and we all know that pastels have gained such popularity these days.

Metal Plated Statement Jewelry:

Wondering what to wear at the cocktail party with that perfect western gown that you have got. No problem, I have the perfect idea for you, why not go for the metal plated statement jewelry they are perfect for casual occasions for the sister of the bride. They are not too loud neither too subtle, they are just perfect to rock such a party in style and with a dash of contemporary look.
Earrings With Chains :

Aren’t these an old style is the first question that might have just crossed your mind. Well, they are an old style no doubt but aren’t all old styles resurfacing these days. They are right? Then why not wear these earrings on your sister’s wedding as it would look perfect with any kind of outfit and the chain going back to your hair would also work as a hair accessory.

Meenakari Jewelry:

Another old style that has resurfaced and would look perfect on the sister of the bride specially if you are wearing an pastel shade and you are looking for some pop of colour to jazz up your outfit. These jewelry are not only beautiful but they also give you an traditional look with a dash of modernity in it. Meenakari jewelries are becoming very famous among women these days as it can be worn by any age as well as any kind of outfit.

Gota Chokers With Jhumki:

Chokers are another very old styled jewelry that has come into being these days with a modern look and feel. Chokers are being merged with jhumkis to give that Boho look to your traditional outfit that you have opted to wear on your sister’s big day. These days everything is online and while sneaking into your sister’s matrimonial site profile to see who all have sent request to your sister you can also check about this kind of gota choker.

Pearl Jewelry:

Wondering you have seen a lot of pearl jewelries all these years well, they are a bit different from those thick lined of pearls that you are used to seeing. They are more of a statement piece that make you neck line more prominent and you would be obliged to show off your earrings by tying your hair up instead of leaving it down.

These are some of the best modern day jewelries that the sister of the bride and don at the wedding and you never know you might find your own match at the wedding party if you are still single.

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