The True Meaning Of A Happy Marriage

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Getting married is one of the most important moments in a man’s or woman’s life. Not only marriage transforms a person’s life in a significant way, but it also brings in new opportunities of happiness that did not exist before. It is any person’s dream to have a rich and fulfilling married life. People often have a wide range of ideas when it comes to their personal notions of a happy marriage. However, in order to achieve the perfect, almost idyllic state of happy marriage, it is also necessary for couples to consider the notions that other people may have when it comes to the things that make a marriage truly successful.

There are a number of things that can greatly contribute to the success of a marriage and make the partners in a marriage happy. Some of those qualities are described below in brief.

  • Finding comfort and pleasure in each other’s company;
    • Mutual respect and understanding between the partners;
  • Each person truly liking the other in a significant way;
  • Each individual cherishing the presence of the other in their lives;
  • Both partners providing emotional support and sustenance to each other;
  • Creating fond memories that both the partners can cherish;
  • Both partners mutually satisfying the need for physical intimacy each other have;
  • Expressing one another’s love and appreciation for his or her partner;
  • Developing a feeling of friendship, safety and trust;
  • Having a strong feeling that the wife or husband is central to the spouse’s world;
  • Admiring each other’s positive qualities like generosity, honesty, loyalty, decency and fairness;
  • Having a strong sense of fairness and morality;
  • Developing a strong conviction that the other person is truly worthy of being cherished and loved;
  • Having a strong conviction of the fact that even if there are certain problems, they can be easily overcome;
  • A healthy view of each other’s partner and the notion that he or she is special in an important way;
  • A strong sense that marriage can enhance each partner;
  • The belief that both the partners are unique in their own way and yet fit the needs and requirements of each other;
  • There should also be a strong understanding about the needs of the partner as well as ability and willingness of the spouse to cater to those needs;
  • An equal division of all household tasks as well as childrearing responsibilities;
  • Both partners should strongly believe that they are lucky to have their significant other in their lives;
  • Both the partners should understand that success of their marriage is ideally attributable to the husband as well as the wife;
  • There should always be open and honest communication among both the partners so that both positive as well as negative emotions can be easily expressed by both partners;
  • A shared belief that marriage requires constant work and attention from both the partners.

Like anything else, a marriage requires a lot of work and dedication from both partners. Marriages simply do not translate into a blissful existence, but with earnest effort from both partners it can be a safe haven for both wherein they can develop themselves and have the best of time with each other. Although there can be tough times or challenges within a marriage, by developing patience and courage, such difficulties can be easily worked out for good. Plenty of men and women have excellent marriages where they are quite happy with each other and they also serve as a good example for their children about the positive influences of marriage. With the best efforts, one can really make their relationships work well and bring in loads of happiness in each other’s life.

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