Mandap Ideas Perfect For Winter Wedding 2018

mandap ideas perfect for winter wedding

Earlier if you would tell your family that you want your wedding mandap to be fancy they would say “What? Why? What is the need? You just need to get married there then why to spend money on the mandap?” Well, this was the scenario a couple of years ago but now Bollywood has influenced the weddings a lot and people are not only getting professional photographers to shoot their wedding but also, they are opting for mandaps that are decorative as well as attractive.

When I attend weddings these days the first thing that gets my attention is the elaborate mandaps. Okay, am not saying that the other décor goes unnoticed but the dramatic mandaps are too intriguing to miss. Be it an indoor wedding or an outdoor one the mandaps are equally beautiful for both of them. Most of the weddings that I have attended in 2017 were mostly outdoors but there was one wedding that was an indoor one and the mandap was not made of roses but rather it was made of small garden flowers and believe me with the lighting it truly looked magical.

But as it looks with the changing décor 2018 might be unique as more and more people are opting for other flowers and not just roses. These days, roses have mostly become boring or been there done that thing for couples. Do not get me wrong roses will always be used to make classic mandaps but nowadays couples are taking a step forward and making sure they use new ideas for punchier pictures of their wedding day.

Here Are Some Mandap Ideas Perfect for Winter Wedding:

Dramatic Ceiling Mandap Plus Stage:

Having an outdoor wedding so, why not make the mandap ceiling a bit more dramatic. You can easily make the ceiling a heavy canopy by using white and red flowers and then attach twinkly lights to them to give them that fairytale touch. If you are making the mandap in the form of a stage, then you will be at the benefit as you would not have to make a separate stage for your sangeet night as you can use the stage cum mandap. Isn’t that awesome?

Arabian Theme Mandap:

The winter season is still not over and all those couples who would be getting married in the coming days can easily go with this theme for their wedding mandap. Filigree lamps and jewel tones have taken up the mandaps these days and the look and feel of the décor are so close to the Indian one that you cannot say it otherwise. The hanging lamps and the plusher shade of curtains give it a warm feel. This mandap is very appropriate for indoor weddings so, that your guests are warm.

Bells or The Temple Look:

South Indian weddings take place at the wee hours of dawn and somehow, they always tend to look their mandaps look like mini temples so, why not you do the same too at your wedding this year. If your wedding time is during that day and you are getting married in an outdoor setting you can hang small bells from the ceiling of the mandap and make it look like a temple. It would surely give you wedding an authentic and serene look.

Floral and Pastels:

This year floral and pastel combination is trending. So, why not use it in your wedding décor as well. Décor and pastel, strange right? But if you match them up with the perfect flowers and lights it will give that perfect Greek wedding feel. And which girl hadn’t watched Hollywood movies and dreamt of having a mandap like the ones in the Greek wedding. Well, for them it is the alter but whatever the name be they look stunning.

Drapes and Curtains Mandap:

The classic trick to hide those plain white mandap pillars is by using some lovely curtains and drapes which can be bunched together with some beautiful fresh flowers which will warmer the tone of your wedding. But if the pillars are engraved with beautiful embroidery then why do you even want to hide it rather flaunt it by adding flower crowns to them along with colour coordinated drapes in the form of a scallop.

The Chandelier Touch:

You can see drapes and flowers with twinkly lights everywhere but nothing can make the look of your mandap more charismatic and sophisticated than those glittery chandeliers. You might wonder about the colour theme of your wedding décor, well then, I must tell you shouldn’t as those beautiful chandeliers go perfectly with any indoor colour theme mandap rather the class and radiance that these little chandeliers add to the mandap is practically unmatched.

But if this wedding season you feel that flowers have rather become boring then you can always go with simple cloth décor and instead of flowers to add colour you can use sheer latkans and gota balls they look equally classy and you would not have the hassle of dealing with flower petals all over the place. These simple mandap decors would definitely give your wedding that fairytale touch that you have always dreamt of. Won’t they?

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