6 Lehengas That Are Just Perfect For Winter Weddings!

lehengas for winter weddings

Winter is already here, and I know how most of you are impatiently waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones. Well, while sulked over that I decided to browse through the internet to see what are the latest trends in Lehengas for winter weddings as it is also the wedding season and know bride of their friends should opt for soothing that is not in fashion this year. After all you get married once and you should look your best so, that everyone attending it remembers you and not all the little things that went wrong at your wedding.

You must wonder why the bride’s friends must look out of the world too? Well, if they are not married what’s the harm in looking the best you never know you might just catch someone’s attention. This season, the brides are mostly going for designer lehengas so here is a list of lehengas that has rich fabric, rich work and rich hues. Thus, there is something for every bridal function.

6 Trendy And Perfect Lehengas For Winter Weddings

Dark Blue Lehenga:

Dark colours or to be more specific the deep shades of blue mainly the midnight blue is very much in trend this year. The dark shades of blue not only bring out your complexion but also gives you that royal look on your wedding day or any of your wedding ceremony. Most of the brides opt for light colours these days but when you are getting married during the winters why not choose deep shades of blue as deep shades on chilly winter night looks fabulous. Well, you can not only opt for deep shades of blue for your sangeet night but also for your wedding day as it will give you a unique look that is very different from other brides. You can also use the dupatta as a cape not because it will only look stylish but will also keep you warm on chilly winter night.

White Lehenga With Silver Thread Work:

White lehengas have a charm of their own. A bride in white that too for a winter wedding is so pleasant to look at. A white or ivory lehenga is just perfect lehenga for a winter wedding. Not because they are soothing to look at but also because they have something magical about them. The month of December is also known as the month of miracles and when you don a while lehenga with silver thread work well you go look like a princess out of a fairytale and now which bride does not want that.

Deep Green Embroidered Velvet Lehenga:

Well, I accept that hues of green may not be an ideal wedding lehenga, but you can always wear it for your engagement or sangeet or even your mehendi ceremony. You might wonder that all velvet lehengas may not look that good but believe it when I say embroidered velvet lehengas actually look royal when you wear it. Another thing about velvet is that it goes hand in hand with winter.

Off Shoulder Lehenga With Fringes:

Off shoulder lehenga for wedding what? Yes, I know this would be the apt reaction, but you can always don it on your engagement, sangeet or even your mehendi. These are the ceremonies where a bride was to look gorgeous but with minimal accessories. And donning an off shoulder lehenga with gold or silver fringes. Would make you look gorgeous and you would not have to wear too many accessories as those fringes work as accessories. These are also perfect for those brides who do not prefer too traditional but wants a look which is a perfect blend between tradition and western style.

Royal Purple Lehenga:

Purple is a very attractive colour for the winters, but it is becoming a very underrated colour as not many brides prefer this colour as a part of their wedding outfits anymore. Just imagine how royal you would look in a purple lehenga on your sangeet or your engagement. All eyes would be glued on to you not because you are the bride but also because you would look fabulous in that shade. It has a glow that would make you look fairer and would give your look a touch of royalty.

Wine Coloured Bridal Lehenga:

We have been seeing red bridal lehengas for years now. But this season wine coloured lehengas are very much in fashion as they look perfect for winter brides. This deep hue looks perfect not only on fair complexioned brides but also dark-complexioned brides. Brides these days are opting for the modern way of selecting their life partners with the help of matrimonial sites like Sikh matrimonial sites. So, why not opt for a lehenga colour that is unique for this season and stand out of the crowd.

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day and that can only be possible if you wear a lehenga that is very much in for that season because these days everyone identifies the styles which are in and the ones that are not so, why let others take the benefit of that and talk about it during your wedding awe them by wearing a lehenga from the above list and be the talk for the best day of your life.

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