Must Have Lehenga Choli Accessories To Raise Your Oomph Factor

lehenga choli accessories

“Fashion fades, style is eternal”

It has been said time and again that fashion keeps changing with time. We have seen that the quintessential Lehenga choli has been through multitude changes through time so has the accessories that are worn with it. It is true that these days people believe in minimalistic fashion but just tell have you ever seen a bride following this trend? I know the answer is bound to be no because a bride can never follow the trend as a bride would not look like a bride if she does not don accessories but that does not mean that you wear whatever you get without maintaining a balance between them.

It is very necessary that you wear accessories that not only goes with the outfit but also speaks volumes about your own personality. It is very essential that you maintain this so that you look like a princess on your wedding day. But when we speak of accessories the first thing that comes to our mind is necklace and earrings well, these are not the only accessories that a bride should don with her wedding lehenga to look like a princess rather there is a list of accessories that she should take care of.

Here Is The List Of All Those Lehenga Choli Accessories:

Mang Tika:

There are varieties of mang tika available these days and the brides are going crazy shopping for the right one. Brides who want to get a unique look for their wedding are not opting for the common one tier mang tika but are rather opting for double or multi-layer matha patties. They are also opting for jhoomar or the pasa style for that Nawabi look. Even those oversized mang tika has gained popularity all thanks to the Indian soaps. Even Borla, the Rajasthani mang tika is being sported by many brides.


This is one of the most forgotten pieces of the lehenga choli accessories. Bindis might be tiny but they represent a woman’s strength and energy. The ever-changing fashion industry has replaced, or I must rather say redefined bindis with the over-sized maang tikkas. Most of the modern brides ditch this accessory just so that they don’t have to deal with the placement problem or the fear that it might fall off during the function. However, I would recommend that you must give your bridal look the perfect traditional touch with a bindi. No girl has ever looked weird in a bindi after all.


Donning a nathni with your bridal attire would completely transform your look and the modern-day brides are opting from the small ones to the big loosely hanging ones. They bring all the attention to your face and they also make you look the perfect Indian bride. Make sure you do not forget to add it to your accessories list.


Bajuband or an armlet is South India’s one of the most popular ornament. This ornament not only gives your arm a dressy look, but it also adds a pinch of glamour to your overall look as a bride. It also spruces up your mehendi and makes it look more attractive on the day of your wedding. This is another thing that you should add to your list. But remember that there are many styles available in the market, but you must always go for a style that would be true to your personality.


Kamarband is the perfect accessories to highlight your figure. This is also a smart piece of accessories that you should add to your list because this gives you the freedom to wear the dupatta of your lehenga any way you like without it sliding anywhere else. It keeps the dupatta in position and you give yourself a rest from worrying about the dupatta.


Bollywood and all those Instagram wedding photographs that we see have certainly spoilt us, girls. And when we think about all the pictures that we want of our wedding photoshoot it definitely includes the perfect ankle shot and that is the reason you need to add payal to your list. A payal beautifully dons your ankle and gives it an ornamental look that would not go unnoticed.

Hair Accessories:

What kind of hair accessories you want to don that completely depends on the hairstyle that you do on your wedding day. But in Indian weddings, brides usually go for the traditional hairstyle so all those beautiful bun pin and combs would be just the right accessories to complete the look.

These are some of the other accessories that you must not forget to add to your list of accessories other than earrings and necklace.

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