9 New Jaimala Trends Without Roses

9 New Jaimala Trends Without Roses

Jaimala is a ritual followed in Indian weddings where, the bride and groom exchange fresh flower garlands with each other. This ceremony is not just considered to be the meeting of two souls, but rather the union of the two families, amalgamation of tradition, values, and customs which would make the entire wedding complete. Jaimala known as ‘varmala’ as well, is an ancient ritual being practiced ever since Indian weddings originated.

This ceremony takes place after the arrival of the groom at the wedding venue along with his baraat. The groom is first greeted and welcomed by the bride’s mother and then the Jaimala ceremony is held. The groom and the bride then exchange the elaborate looking garlands. In order to tease the new bride, the friends of the groom keep him from getting the garland round his neck and this little antique adds a little fun element to this tradition.

Jaimala, or the wedding garland are these days available in various styles, designs and also with a vast variety of flowers. But the Jaimala made of roses are the most popular ones but here are some garlands that are beautiful but not made of roses.

Marigold Jaimala:

Marigold has been a part of Indian weddings for ages. It has been used to decorate and also offered to the gods and goddesses during the ceremonies. But what if we use this most common flower in the form of jaimala, won’t that be a Jaimala to see. Everyone attending your wedding would be awed by the uniqueness.

Emerald Jaimala:

Emerald, one of the precious stones. It has always been a part of ornaments be it for men or women. No one would say no to an emerald neck piece then why not make that beautiful and precious stone a part of your jaimala. These days people are opting for very exquisite jaimalas and what can be more exquisite than emerald jaimala. You can also merge it with different flowers.

Pearl Jaimala:

Pearl is another gem that has commonly been part of jewelry for ages. Be it in the olden days or in the modern jewelry pearl always beholds a very special place in the world of fashion. It is the only gem that can give you a minimalistic look as well a royal aristocrat look. So, get that royal look for your wedding with a pearl jaimala.

Inspired By The Greenery:

We all have seen jaimalas made of the variety of flowers including lotus and tulips but what about the leaves. Yes, you heard it write, botanical jaimalas are inspired by the greenery and are thus made of leaves as well as flowers. Now, isn’t that a unique jaimala to sport this wedding season.

Mogra Jaimala:

Mogra is another flower which has been commonly used for decorations and other purpose but what if we use this fragmented flower in the form of a jaimala. Won’t that be awesome! It is very different from the common jaimalas but it is yet very beautiful. It would give the wedding a very subtle yet royal look.

Thai Jaimala:

Thai flowers are very unique flower that has an attractive look that would get attention towards them. So, why not use them in your jaimala so that people stare at it during the ritual. They are so beautiful to look at that everyone would talk about it. It would also give the ceremony the royal feel that you wished to achieve. These flowers are not always easy to find so I would suggest you to order your jaimala ahead of time.

Orchid Jaimala:

Orchid another flower that is very pretty to look at and are found in various colors. This spring why not use these vibrant colored flowers in the form of a jaimala. Spring weddings are supposed to be filled with splash of colors and no other jaimala can help you achieve that other the orchid flowers.

Tuberose Jaimala:

You might be wondering why rose when this list is all about jaimalas not made of rose. Well, tuberose might fall under the rose family but the look they have is very different from any common rose. This is the reason people are making it a part of their jaimala. It looks very beautiful as jaimang a very royal look.

Fake Flower Jaimala:

Shocked! But it is true people are using them as normal flower jaimalas are heavy and the couples who do not want to go through the worry of wearing those heavy malas for hours are opting for fake flower mala. As it is light weighted and even minimalistic. you can also coordinate it with your outfit perfectly.

So, still wondering about your jaimala that is not made of roses and also looks unique then opt for any of the above jaimalas.

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