Is Beauty Or Brains More Important In Choosing A Life Partner?

is beauty or brains more important in choosing a life partner

The question Is Beauty or Brains More Important In Choosing A Life Partner has been in the circles for many years and is still a very hot topic. Should we pick a person who has an overwhelming personification of beauty or someone who is smart and intellectual? If you ask this question to any person you will never ever get a correct answer as you will find many who will say choosing a person who is beautiful or handsome will make you look great in the society and there will be those who will say choosing a person who is smart and intelligent will help you a lot in many circumstances where you will require an expert opinion of someone who knows you in and out and who can help you to overcome your problems. It might be true but it is essential that we should not judge a person purely on the basis of these two factors alone.

For instance In the era where we pick our life partners from online matrimonial sites, Most of the times we do not find it important to do a thorough research whether that person is the right candidate to become our life partner or not and tend to pick or pinpoint someone on the basis of their physical appearance or even on her intellectual capabilities which according to me is absolutely wrong.

It is really essential for any of us to go and do a thorough research on someone whom we think will be a better life partner and not go totally on one looks or intellect looks and appearance can be very deceptive.

I believe people should go for someone who is beautiful from his or her nature, behavior and or in simple words from her inner soul and it doesn’t matter at all whether that particular individual is physically attractive or is very intellectual.

There are various factors by which you can judge whether the person whom you desire to get married with is the right one or not. Some of these factors are mentioned below:-

The Person Who Makes Your Life Simpler

It is one of the most important aspects which every person tries to find among others especially in their partners. People who are looking for a partner with whom they want to spend their whole life want someone who can make their life easy and simpler, who can cheer you up even in the grimmest of time and who knows you more than you know yourself and can help you out from each and every situation.

The Person Who Believes In No Compromises

In a relationship, you should never ever look for someone who wants to or tries to control your life the way they want without making any changes in their lifestyles. Compromise is a sin as people tend to lose themselves while adjusting to the wishes of another person. Try never to make any compromises for anyone and do not make compromises someone for your benefit. Try to maintain a relationship where you respect each other’s lifestyles.

The Person Who Respects Others Irrespective Of Profession, Gender, And Other Factors

Another way to judge a person is to see how he or she behaves to others especially to those who are not in the similar economic status. It will really help you decide whether that person deserves to be your life partner as a person who cannot respect someone who is below his or her’s financial capabilities. Choose that person who treats everyone equally irrespective whether that person is rich or poor.

The Person Who Likes You The Way You Are

It is an important aspect while choosing someone for marriage that the person who will marry you loves you the way you are otherwise it can become really complicated if that person was forced into marriage despite the fact he or she didn’t like your personality at all and hence it is really important that there is compatibility between the individuals before agreeing upon for marriage.

The Person Who Loves And Respects Your Parents As Much As You Love And Respect His / Hers

It is really necessary to pick a person who loves and respects your parents as much as you respect your partner’s parents. It’s a must as well as necessity too otherwise the matrimony between the individuals might fall into jeopardy in the future and hence it is necessary that there is a mutual between your parents and the person with whom you want to marry.

The Person Who Supports You Through Tough Times

The person should be supportive even in the tough times when the chips are down and you really want someone who can help you to overcome from that tough phase effective and efficient and can also make you feel special through their love and caring.

Even if you are picking someone for marriage from Jain matrimonial sites or any matrimonial sites, it is really important that you pick someone not on the basis of beauty or brains but on the basis of their nature as beauty and brain is secondary and it should be considered as an add-on but nature should be the primary standard according to which a person should be judged whether he or she will be the right partner or not.

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