Interesting Props For Your Bridal Girl Squad Pictures!

interesting props for bridal girl squad pictures

“It’s sassy, it’s flirty, it’s like having several human glitter ball by your side on your big day”

Every girl needs their girl squad by their side for all the functions of their wedding. It has been truly said that ‘a girl cannot do without her friends’. Well, you might ask why, when she has all her family members around her. If you want a girl’s point of view, then you must know that her friends are her confidence so that she can carry of herself without falling apart with tension. Well, in my case it was different when the first marriage of our girl squad happens we had to keep the bride from running away from her own wedding because of jitters or getting drunk.

Well, this might not be the situation with all the brides so you can relax and decide on all the props that you can use for your bridal girl squad picture. These days such pictures have become a must so that you can flaunt your girl squad on Instagram. But to do so you need some pictures that will speak of your bond and also be fun and quirky. So, here are some ideas for you:

Coffee Cups:

If coffee was something connected you all then you can use it as a prop. You get special coffee cups made for your squad and then click funny quirky pictures along with it. Well, it can also be a café coffee day or Starbucks cup with the words bride, BFF, and so on written on them. You may ask why these cups. These are among the places that you might have visited with your group the most and gossip over coffee is the oldest formula in a girl’s squad. And such a picture will simply remind you of those days for years to come.


Is your group a movie buff? Do all your conversations and debate have movie reference? Or do all your group pictures can be related to some on-screen friend’s group? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you can use Clapboard as one of the prop for your squad photo. As it is Bollywood themed wedding is trending and such a prop would just add another glamour to the theme and you can proudly flaunt these photos as they would unique.

Funky Glasses:

These days, funky glasses are much in fashion. Everyone has one picture at least with these glasses. They give you a very funky look that is very hard to miss. You can easily buy funky glasses for your group that would suit each of the member’s personality. In one of our group picture, I am wearing a dollar signed glass which symbolizes my love for materialistic things.

Chalk Boards:

Our group has a love of chalk boards as we met in school and since then we have remained friends. Be it someone’s first love or first breakup we have seen it all and from the days of avoiding to be called to the board on the day of our first presentation. We know how each of us grew. Thus, chalk board tells our story but if it does you too then you can make it a part of your squad picture prop.

Wooden Frames:

When you frame pictures you generally use wooden frames then why not make it your squad photo shoot prop. They look wonderful with everyone giving a different expression and the bride and always lead in a swag while the others can be there being awed. We are girls and we can give some of the best expressions can’t we?

Matching Robs:

Are you having a destination wedding and all you remember when you arrive and see the pool side is the summer days that you spend with your group near the poolside or may be the vacations that you spend at each other’s place well, if that is the case then you can easily get matching robs made? You can flaunt your cool fun loving group with them in a picture.


Another cool prop is the umbrella. It gives you a very aristocrat feel. If you are having a royal themed wedding, then get royal-themed umbrellas made and shoot some color flashing pictures. It would show how colorful and fun loving your group is. You can keep these pictures as some of the best memories and revisit the days through these pictures whenever you feel like.

These are some of the props that you can use while shooting your girl squad pictures. You can also choose other props that you can connect to and that would remind you of your friendship.

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