Cool New Indo-Western Fusion Desserts To Serve At Indian Wedding!

indo western fusion desserts

“Kuch Mitha Ho Jaye”

 A very common slogan that we have been hearing for a very long time now. Cadbury came up this slogan long ago and it is very true when considered us Indians as sweets are part of all the emotions in our life be it happiness or sadness sweets are always there. Be it weddings or any other function sweets have to be the full stop to our meal, without sweets are meal does not feel complete.

There is also a fact behind sweets and sadness. And I bet every girl knows it. Well, chocolates are the best thing when you are coping with heartbreaks well, other sweets also have the same effect. But have you ever imagined a wedding party which has no sweets corner? Well, you cannot as it is not possible but what you visit a wedding reception and do not see any of those usual sweets that you get to see at the other weddings? I would suggest you not to get disheartened as they might just have wiped up something unique out of those usual boring sweets.

Wondering what well, here are some new yet delicious Indo-Western fusion desserts that are being served at an Indian wedding.

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake:

You hardly find a person who would say that they do not like gulab jamun and cheesecake. I would not say there is not a single person who would say that because there are many people who do not have sugar at all because they are on a diet all the time. But generally, everyone loves these two desserts but what if we merge the two and make the perfect combination called the gulab jamun cheesecake? Now, won’t that be just the perfect dessert for a wedding a little bit of both worlds?

Gajar Ka Halwa Trifle With Coconut Cream:

Another very common dessert that we see at weddings are gajar ka halwa and vanilla ice cream. I mean how many time have been just having this same dessert at various wedding occasion. Now it is the time to give this normal traditional gajar ka halwa a western twist. But the question is how? Well, many caterers have come up with a unique combination of gajar ka halwa presented in a form of trifle with coconut whipped cream on top. Now, isn’t that sounds tasty!

Peach Firni:

Firni is one of my favorite desserts. But when it is served over and over again at weddings, I get bored with the taste of it and start to wonder if there could be a dash of some other flavor in the same old traditional fire. Well, this problem has also been solved by many chefs as they have come up with the perfect twist to the creamy rich and traditional firni. Well, that twist is of peaches. Many wedding planners are checking the peach firni as a dessert for the wedding party because along with the authentic flavor of firni you also get the sweet and contemporary taste of peaches. Giving the traditional dessert the perfect compliment.

Kesar Badam Cupcake With Srikhand Frosting:

Cupcake is something that is loved by all but it is not a common dessert served at Indian weddings as most Indians do not consider cupcake to be a dessert. But what if we could give an Indian twist to the western desert. Yes, it has been made possible by some chefs. These days at many wedding parties the families are opting for the perfect blend of Indian and western dessert. And that dessert is Kesar badam cupcake with shrikhand frosting. Isn’t it a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Thandai Mousse Cake:

As people are following the western trends they are serving ice cream cake as dessert, but it has been seen that it is not appreciated by all the guests so why not serve the cake that you want to serve but let it be of a flavor that is known the Indian taste buds. Thandai is a very common taste in India but what if you add a little wipe cream to it and bake it into a cake. Well, that would be the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

Motichoor Rabri Parfait:

Motichoor ke ladoo and rabri are two of the most famous and loved Indian dessert at weddings or even any other occasion for that matter. But sometimes so happens that you just want something other than this but not too far from your roots. Well, what if I said that there is a dessert that has combined these two desserts and made it one. Yes, it is the truth, many people have opted to serve Motichoor rabri parfait. It is indeed a western dessert but with our very own Indian flavors.

So, now you know that how you make all those western desserts a part of your wedding just by tweaking them a bit.

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