Indian Marigold Gets A Western Touch At Weddings

get western look in wedding with indian marigold

What is that first flower that comes to your mind when we say Indian function? I can bet it is marigold. Many of you might say rose but rose for typical Indian decoration, isn’t it hard to imagine? It is not that I am saying that other flowers cannot be used for decoration, but Marigold is the first thought. Be it for some big puja at home or for a wedding, Marigold has always been every Indian number 1 choice.

Indians have been using marigold for a long time, but they are hardly aware of why it is actually used. Marigolds are considered to be auspicious in many cultures in the Indian subcontinent. These bright flowers are also considered to be the symbol of peace, prosperity as well as it reflects the colors of most auspicious items in India like the sindoor and haldi which are a very important part of any Indian wedding or religious ceremonies.

It is fact that every flower has their own beauty and personality which make them stand out from the rest. Red roses are beautiful, but they have got a more classic and western look, while the pastel-colored hydrangeas or white orchids might be perfect for a garden style outdoor function like the cocktail party. But when you want a traditional Indian feel, marigold is definitely the winner hands down. Yellow or orange marigolds are among the most popular flowers that give a meaning to the Indian weddings not only because they are easily available as well as economical but also because of their vivid and vibrant colors which perfectly complement the spirit of an Indian wedding.

Now you might be wondering about that western touch part of the title, well here are some western touches that you can give to your wedding with the use of marigold:

Mandap Décor:

We have been using marigold for mandap décor for ages now. And with all the new mandap trends making rounds no one would choose marigold. I mean would like the same old wrapping marigold strings around the pillars or hanging them in the form of strings on the backdrop of your mandap or maybe at the entrance, well isn’t that too boring for 2018? What if I say you can use it in a different way?

For instance, if your mandap is made with the use of drapes and curtains you can hand a marigold chandelier at the center of the mandap. They even look gorgeous and traditional for a mehndi or a sangeet function. You can use marigold strings with kaliras, bells or any other flower as a tassel at the end and make a chandelier out of it to decorate the bride’s entrance in a different and innovative way.

Table Décor:

These days at Indian weddings tables are being laid out so that the guests can comfortably sit and have their food or even chat. But can we leave those tables bare? Won’t that look incomplete in the decked-up hall? It definitely will, so why not we use marigold as table décor. A single flower in a sleek vase can be used to add to the table décor or you can also use marigold petals around urlis or candles placed around the venue.


If it is a Christian wedding but you want to give that Indian flavor to it you can easily add some marigold to the bridal bouquet. Wouldn’t that be an amazing way to use marigold? Well, if that is not your taste, then you can have a nice big flower arrangement with some marigolds mixed in it and use it as a table centerpiece or you can just keep it simple with two or three marigold sticks in a glass or a simple sleek vase. Well, even a tight arrangement of marigold flowers in tall vases at the corners of the venue will create a very classic western look.


It is a tradition at Indian weddings to welcome the baraat in a grand way, then why not present the groomsmen with marigold boutonnieres at the entrance. Won’t that look unique, classy and chic at the same time? I bet it will. Well, you may ask if they are not wearing suits then, well even the latest kurtas or sherwanis these days have a place for boutonnieres. So, the idea would not backfire.

Aisle Décor:

Every bride wants a grand entrance for herself just like a princess. So, why not give her that but with the traditional marigold. Instead of hanging marigold strings at the entrance you can line your walkway with some western-inspired aisle decoration. Everyone these days sets chair near the mandap so that the guests can sit and witness the wedding, so you can hang small marigold baskets on the chair handles and also spread marigold petals as a carpet. Won’t that be a princess like entrance?

So, why go for other flowers or order flowers which might simply add on to your wedding budget rather you can use the most abundant and traditional flower with a western twist for your wedding décor.

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