Impact Of Westernization In Indian Weddings

impact of westernization in indian weddings

“Marriage is not of two perfect people but of two imperfect people who fit perfectly”

Being an Indian girl I have always heard from my family that marriage is a sacred bond which brings together two souls and also two very different families. Marriages in India are said to be a bond for lifetime and according to me it should be so. As most of you who love Hollywood movies must have heard the priest in the films say during the wedding ‘till death does us apart’ these words in India is taken very seriously as for Indians marriage is the sacred bond of promises that the bride and the groom give to each other.

Marriages in India are well known for their vibrant, superior and rich looks. The Indian wedding ceremonies are serious and ritualistic affair than any other weddings that are being performed in the world. The ceremonies might be serious and hold deep rooted meaning but yet they are fun and folic. People in India perform all these wedding rituals with pomp and show. India has a vast yet incredible diversity of cultures from North to South and from East to West; nearly each and every state in India has their own culture and traditions for a wedding. I lived in the east for most of my life and I have seen different types of wedding rituals being followed within the same community. It is only in India where every cast has a different kind of wedding ritual yet however different they might be they are beautiful and sacred.

In India all religions consider marriage as a ritual knot. In India wedding ceremony could be of any religion, but each and every ceremony is a perfect blend of the exposure of love, emotions, values, tradition and above all celebrations. Celebration of life, togetherness and love. So, actually wedding in India is not only an event, but also a fusion of two very different family cultures. However Indian culture is one of the oldest and the richest culture. But it has been facing some serious threats of the impact of western culture. For quite some time western culture is making its base in India and threating to demolish Indian values.

In the Metros, people have already started to adopt western culture and have changed their life style to give their life more of a western look. From fooding habit to traditions and now it is moving towards the rural parts of the country. Western culture is having a great impact on our customs, traditions and even on love & respects that we have for others.

According to me it all started with watching TV series from the west and then slowly moved into food and now it has moved into our core lifestyle. Nowadays, the idea of joint family which used to be the real charm and also sometimes even considered India’s identity is passing off and more and more people are adopting the nuclear family style which is an impact of the western culture. Marriages that are supposed to be a bond for life are breaking due to lack of patience and tolerance. This is another impact of western culture.

Earlier in India marriages where fixed by the family. The bride and the groom did not even meet each other until the marriage day. But with the impact of westernization the concept of dating came into being. Dating concept is not a threat as per my thought as a man and a woman does have the right to choose their life partner.

After all, even in our history we have seen that the women had the right to choose their husband and this right was given in the form of swayamvar. But somewhere along the line people forgot this but then westernization brought the dating concept with itself. I have seen many people taking this concept in a negative sense but dating is a relationship between a man and women where they do talk, spend time together, have dinner, etc. to know more about each other. It is just to reveal the love they have for each other before they are joined in the sacred bond of marriage.

It is true that dating does have some adverse effect or must I say side effects such as sexual relationship before marriage which is still not taken in a good way in India thus, many conservative families prohibit dating not only because of having sexual relation before marriage but also because many men and women date for fun and not to get into any serious relation or even pursue the relation. Now, in most of the metro cities the culture of live-in relationships has come in. In a live-in relationship, unmarried couple makes an arrangement of living together which resembles as if they are married. The reason given for this arrangement is that they want to know how compatible they are before they actually decide to get committed or tie the knot.

Live-in relations give the freedom to explore your relationship with your partner. In this period the couple explores their relation sexually as well and they also get to know each other practically. It is their thought that if they live happily, then they can get married. There is no complication of divorce in live-in relations and many conservative people even term this relation as mere physical relation involving no emotion. There might not be the complication of a divorce if the relation does not work out.

But sometimes it has been seen that there are unwanted pregnancy issues involved in live-in relations. Such impact of westernization in Indian weddings is not being well receipted by the Indian society as our society has the richest cultural and traditional value. But due to the growing economy and globalization live-in relations have been legalized.

Few decades back the divorce rates in India was very low but in the recent times it has gone up. A research showed that this is due to ego clashes among husband and wife as both are earning. I always felt that whatever might be the effect of westernization we should see both sides of it as western culture teaches us to be self dependent but that does not mean we forget our roots and paint ourselves in their colour. Instead we can accept the best of western culture and infuse it in ours.

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