How To Negotiate In Your Relationship?

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There are often times in a relationship when you will need to negotiate your needs with your partner so that both can reach a balance and neither of you two would feel like they are giving up on something. However, for many people negotiating with their needs can be easier said than done. This is so because either they take on a stance of being too flexible or being too rigid. This is hardly the ideal as one needs to take on a balanced approach so that the needs of both partners are met with and neither the man nor the woman feels that their necessities are not being fulfilled. In all relationships, both partners tend to want different things from time to time and therefore it is always necessary that a balanced agreement is reached. Here are the various ways in which you can negotiate healthily in your relationship.

Be an open-minded listener

In relationships, people are often keen on putting their point first while hardly listening to the other person. This never really helps as both persons feel drained out of energy after a point of time, realizing full enough that their partner failed to understand what they want. It is necessary that both partners open-mindedly listen to what the other has to say. This means focusing on the words, the body language, the voice and all other things that go with it. It is really important to empathize with the other person to see things from their perspective. This is naturally going to help you and your partner resolve your differences easily and negotiate with the best results.

Understand that you both are on the same team

More often than not, partners in a relationship tend to take an adversarial position when they are looking to negotiate in order to get something that they want. However, this is the wrong way of approaching a negotiation as you will both feel like you are ending up losing on something that you want. It is necessary that you both have a clear idea about the problem and discuss all aspects of it thoroughly while at the same time focus on the fact that you both want the same thing. This will help you both feel like you have come to a proper solution.

Make sure that you have clear boundaries

One of the most important things that we need to learn as we grow up is setting up boundaries. In our social life, we often tend to meet with people who are either too hesitant to let people come close to them or those who are embracing others so much that they have little time for themselves. The first group of people is very much reluctant to take the responsibility of others, thus often coming on as inconsiderate or unconcerned. The second group of people tends to be nice to everyone and be helpful to all, without having little time to take care of themselves. This naturally makes them feel drained and depleted after a point of time. Neither of these approaches is actually healthy. You should have a balanced approach and learn when to be embracing and open, and when to let other people know that they are crossing the line. In your intimate relationship, you should be understanding and concerned about the well being and happiness of your partner without actually giving up on your own needs. Understand that it is not always possible for your partner to know what you want, so you will need to stand up for yourself from time to time.

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