How To Face Your Future In-Laws For The First Time

how to face future in laws for the first time

Prepared to walk down the aisle? Then let us tell you this little secret, you are not just going to marry your spouse, but also your in-laws. And the tougher part is you don’t get to choose them either. And, unlike your own parents, dealing with the in-laws is more complicated.

In the present times, the marriage scenario is changed. Apart from the traditional methods of finding a partner, today’s generation relies on meeting their prospective spouse online. For this, there are many matrimonial sites available. The sites take care of everything you want to seek in your soul – mate from interest to education and even caste. One can easily find Pandey, Kshatriya, Yadav matrimonial site etc.

In such a setup, it often happens that the partners have not met each other’s parents. Don’t worry, there is a way to every problem and to help you out we have some pro tips on ‘how to face future In Laws for the First Time’.

Make Your First Impression The Best Impression:

Like it or not but an everlasting image is created within seconds you meet your in-laws for the first time. So, to make it good one gets to know about their likes dislikes beforehand from your partner. This will make you more confident about your first meet.

Choose The Meeting Place Well:

Don’t choose any place you are not well acquainted with. Also, make some effort and discuss with your future in-laws about their preference on the same. It will not only be convenient for both the parties, but you will also get lots of appreciation for it.

Dress Accordingly:

The way you dress up tells a lot about you. We advise you to choose clothes which flatter you well without being uncomfortable. Also, dress up according to the place you are meeting your in-laws. If your future in-laws are conservative in approach, then you must dress subtle but be sure to mention about your dressing choices to them when preferable.

Buy Them A Small But Thoughtful Gift:

Do not be very lavish with your gift choices if it is your first meet, but a gifting something that can be of their use will sure bring a smile on their face and who knows you get your approval sooner.

Be Polite, Indulge In Genuine Conversation:

Do not bombard them with your queries and anxieties but rather focus on being comfortable with each other in your first meet. Find out some common interest and that would be a great start.

Compliment Them But Don’t Overdo It:

Who doesn’t like being genuinely complimented. So, proceed and garner your in-laws with some. Compliments are also a way of showing that you are interested in them. The only thing to keep in mind doesn’t force it otherwise it will do more harm than good.

Show Respect To Your Partner:

Your in-laws would love to see that you are treating their child good and are capable of loving and caring for them in future. Even they are full of doubts and worries and behaving well with your to be will resolve many of their fears. Everyone has their own issues with their partners, but it is good to solve those among themselves and not blaming in front of anyone else especially their parents.

Ask For Their Advice:

You can open up to them too about your own queries, fears, likes dislikes etc. This will show that you will keep them valued in your life.

Stay Away From Controversial Subjects:

While it’s good to discuss everything under the sun with your future family but there is a right time for everything. Don’t bring up anything on the table that can hurt emotions of either party.

Don’t Be Know It All:

Overconfidence never looks pretty even on the prettiest thing. Don’t be boastful as it will be taken as a negative quality.

Take Care Of Your Body Language:

Do not get very casual or very conscious, because this will make things awkward. In the first meeting, be very careful and composed of postures and gestures. This way your in-laws will see that you are an educated man/woman and you are the perfect match for their child.

Be Genuine:

Don’t try too hard to impress them. They are experienced enough to distinguish between whether you are being genuine or not. Be who you are because your partner has chosen you for the same.

Invite Again:

Asking them to meet again shows you loved their company. It also helps you in knowing each other better and thus making you more comfortable too!

With matrimonial sites have completely transformed the way wedding happens in India, the idea of even meeting your in-laws for the first time may seem daunting to many. But by taking care of few things you can be all ready to begin your new journey gleefully!

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