Hairstyle Trends For Different Wedding Functions!

hairstyle trends for different wedding functions

“The right hairstyle can make the plain women beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable”

You must have sorted out all your outfits for each of your wedding function, even your accessories match your outfit for the day but what about your hairstyle? Are you planning to go for that same age-old hairstyle that every bride does, if you are then I would suggest thinking again!

You are definitely having a fairytale wedding, similar to the ones we see in films and serials then why not choose a hairstyle that would complement your look. After all, even you must be tired of seeing the same old hairstyle on every bride be it your friends or family. But what about your bride maids well, even they can coordinate with your hairstyle and trust me that will definitely take a picture that you would want to frame.

So, what are those hairstyle trends for different wedding functions that you should opt for and give yourself the princess look you always wanted:

Hairstyle For Haldi Ceremony:

Are you thinking of letting your hair down to the haldi function? Well, you can do that if you have short hair because all those haldi, curd and the rest of the gooey stuff would not be easy to get rid of from your long tangle tresses. So, letting your hair down to this particular function might not be a smart idea. So, why not tie it up in a braid that you can doll it up with flowers and gota jewelry. You can also wear a floral tiara on top of a fishtail braid. This hairstyle will not only keep your hair away from the mess but also look very bridey!

Hairstyle For Mehendi Ceremony:

For Mehendi ceremony, you certainly would not want to mess up your hair with henna or your mehendi design, so make sure those tickly bangs do not bother you in the middle of your mehendi session! So, what are your options? You can tie it up sideways in a loose braid completely dolled up with fresh flowers. Or you can pull up front with a floral tiara and give yourself that delicate princess look! You can also go for that bit of a puff up and side-swept curls look, which would be perfect, and you can also add on fresh floral or gota jewelry to it to complete your mehendi maiden look!

Hairstyle For Sangeet Ceremony:

Sangeet ceremony‘ it is your day and you do not have any dupatta or veil to worry about. You might have donned an Indo western lehenga that looks perfect on you with minimal accessories but if your hairdo with it is not up to the mark, your whole look might fall flat, and you would certainly not want that for your special day right? So, why not you let your hair loose and dazzle. You can go for front puff followed by flowing curls or just a simple side partition with puffed up middle and dreamy curls to flow. This is one of the most loved hairstyle trend for weddings this season.

Hairstyle For Cocktail Party:

You have to attend your cocktail party in a way that you own it. As you enter the venue all eyes must be on you and your husband should not be able to look or concentrate on anything else. You have that perfect princess dress for the day but what about your hairdo, only that would complete the look. Well, for that perfect princess look nothing works better than a stunning yet sophisticated updo with some glitzy hair accessories! But if that’s not your style, do not try you always have the option to let your hair loose with side partition and middle curls.

Hairstyle For Wedding Day:

There is a high chance that you are getting married to someone you met at community marriage sites like Thakur marriage sites but that does not mean that you have to let your hairdo be too traditional. Even traditional hairdos can look trendy and classy when done right. For your wedding day, you cannot leave your hair open you have tied it up in a bun but a traditional bun with fresh flowers can never go wrong. It is possible that you do not fancy the middle parting at all, well for that you can always go for sideswipe with an ornate Jhoomar and a classy bun behind. If you want to add a little more oomph to your look you can always add a French braid in front and then pull it in a bun.

So, what do you think aren’t these looks just simple yet classy to pull off. Why not try them this wedding season?

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