Groom Accessory Checklist You’ll Ever Need!

groom accessory checklist

When you are getting married be it the groom or the bride you are bound to go through various emotions. Sometimes you are nervous and sometimes you are worried what if you cannot make all the adjustments that you need to. At the end of the day, you are Indian Hindu groom you cannot just say no to marriage at the end moment because of jitters as it will reflect badly on you and your family.

In India, marriage is not just between the bride and the groom it is also between two families, two cultures, and the two societies. So, backing out is not an option but do you realize amidst all these jitters and having cold feet you might not only miss out on enjoying your wedding but also you might just forget some or the other accessory that you had planned to wear on that day. You might also forget one of the important accessories that you must wear for the wedding. Like amidst all the jitters one of my friends had forgotten to carry the sehera while leaving the house.

So, here is a groom accessory checklist that you might want to keep with you while getting ready. These are such things that would make you look perfect on your special day.


In some cultures wearing a safa for the groom is a must. So, make sure you get a safa while doing wedding shopping. These days there are safa’s that look very trendy on any kind of outfit. It is also a trend to wear printed safa’s so, you can try out all these and buy a safa that looks perfect on you. Some of you guys may feel that it is so uncomfortable to wear a safa but remember it makes you look like royalty and every girl wishes to marry a prince so, why not let your would be wife get that dreamy feeling when she sees you on the wedding day.


Again in most of the cultures in India, it is a must that the groom dons a sehera as removing the sehera is a part of the ritual that takes place during the wedding. There is a vast variety of sehera available in the market but you can also get a sehera designed as per your outfit. I have seen many grooms opting for seheras which would be perfectly color coordinated with their outfit. But make sure that you at least wear it before entering the wedding venue as it is part of the ritual that you need to follow.


It is a beautiful ornament put on the safa giving it the look of royalty when worn by the groom. You might as ornament and groom? Well, history has it that men wore more ornament that women and wedding day is a day when you should look and feel like a prince and wearing a kalgi on your safa is just a way to give that look. Kalgi is one of those accessories that would enhance the look of a groom. Just like Sehra, Kalgi must also be selected according to the style of the groom’s outfit.

If you have opted for a bright color Safa, you can go with a pearl or diamond Kalgi as it would suit your look the best. We always pay very close attention to details in a wedding and groom accessories have just become one of them. So, when tradition and opulence go hand in hand at Indian weddings then grooms why not give yourself a sweet taste of that.


Feather on your safa or turban is another part of the kalgi that is very important. Wearing just the kalgi with your safe or turban might give you the royal look but once you wear it with a bunch of feathers or just a single one, you would feel royal as well because when you look at the mirror you would see that. Many people just wear it for the trend but in Sikh weddings, it has a great significance. The kalgi along with the feather is put on the groom by their sister as a symbol of love and the turban is put on the groom by his father as a symbol of responsibility of starting a family.

Multi Chain Brooch:

Men have always worn brooch with sherwani’s as well as suits but the multi-chain brooch that has become a trend recently is mostly worn along with Indo western sherwani. It gives the groom the royalty look. The groom’s royalty look is an amalgamation of many accessories and multi-chain brooch is just one of them.


Grooms do take a shawl or dupatta as a part of the sherwani but to complete that look it is very important to wear a necklace with it. Why? Because it completes the royalty look and if it is a Rajasthan themed wedding then it is part of the theme as well. And in some casts, it is part of the tradition as well and in those cultures, the necklace is put on the groom by his sister in law.

So, what are you thinking grooms? Make an accessory checklist for your wedding and you can easily include any of the accessory or all of them if you want.

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