Feelings Of A Bride Before Wedding


One night before the wedding all a girl can feel is a flow of emotions and anxiety. She feels like hugging her dad and never letting him go, she feels like lying in her mother’s lap forever, there is also the feeling of little butterflies in her stomach whenever she thinks of ‘him’ and then she is also scared to accept the change.

It is a common saying that a girl who is getting married should always be happy but only a, to be bride knows what she feels a night before her wedding day. Yes, she is happy but that is not the only feeling there is a medley of feelings that goes on in her heart and minds a night before her wedding. She is excited, scared, confused and sad all at the same time. If you do not believe me just ask your mother she will tell you how she felt all those years ago when she was getting married and it was the night before her wedding day.

I have been too many weddings and I have heard some brides say that they cannot go on with the wedding, they feel like running away. Well, many may disagree with this point and say that now days even the couples whose marriage are arranged by their parents meet frequently to know each other and some may even say that most marriages are now days are a love marriage but a marriage for a girl is a very big thing it changes her life completely. She goes to a new family whom she hardly knows, she doesn’t know whether she will be pampered or not but she knows one thing for sure she will be loved. These little thoughts bring up a lot of mixed feelings.

Every girl plans her wedding from the time she hardly understands the word marriage. So many of you may remember having lengthy discussions with your friends about what you will wear on your wedding day, how you will do your hair, and how you would prefer wearing light weight jewelleries so that you do not be all engrossed in those heavy jewelleries and forget to smile on your wedding day. But when the day is finally their all you can think about is how you will adjust to a new life and how you do not want to leave your parents.

You think of various things and one of them is how would you go by without being appreciated for all that you do for your new family or will they give a fake appreciation. If it is an arranged marriage and you did not get enough time to know your to be husband before marriage you would wonder will you be able to love him and at the same time you also cannot stop yourself from thinking will he love you the way you are? On the contrary, if it is a love marriage you are happy to be with the one you love for the rest of your life but also cannot shake off the thought that will the love between you stay the same way even after marriage.

Many may have heard people saying that you must work very hard for your love to stay the same even after marriage but I would say that it’s worth working for as you know he loves you and that will never change. It is true that your life is about to undergo a huge change but it’s a good one, you will not only be someone’s wife but you will also be a daughter and there will be many more new relations for you to embrace. Yes, with all these you are bound to be scared but do not let your fear spoil the best day of your life. Embrace the moments and your fear and just go with the flow.

Before marriage, every girl tends to think that her mother in law and sister in law will be exactly how those TV soaps show or those fiction books tell but just remember if you step in your new life with pre-acquired inhibitions then it might get harder for you to indulge in. Step in with an open mind; you might be surprised to know that they are nothing like what you had pictured. You are a member of their family and you might just notice that they already love you and have accepted you without even knowing much about you.

I know it is not easy to leave the home you grew up in and the people who were always there with you. But still, smile with the thought of all that comes ahead in your life. Now you will be with the man you love and dreamt of being with, you will have a new family who loves you already and many new relations, smile for them and a lot more that is about to come in your life. Every bride goes through a melting pot of emotions before her wedding day but there is that feeling of excitement that takes over all other emotions at the end.

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