Essential Clothing Tips For Grooms For Summer Weddings

clothing tips for grooms for summer weddings

Getting married in summers is very problematic for the bride as well as the groom. And I am sure all of you who are getting married in this scorching heat is feeling a bit tensed because you don’t want to wear those heavy designer sherwani on your wedding day? But you have no idea what else to wear.

Many may say why not wear a three-piece suit? Well, wearing a suit will not solve your problem as you will be equally uncomfortable. Getting married in the summers is not easy as you cannot just decide to wear anything that you may have worn if it would have been a winter wedding. A heavy designer sherwani or a suit with tie will make you uncomfortable restless and sweaty. And to be grooms; no one likes to see a groom all covered in sweat.

To ease your ‘what to wear’ tension and to make your wedding day more comfortable and relaxing, read here some essential clothing tips for grooms for summer weddings to ease your journey a bit.

Opt For Light Colours:

If at all you want to go for designer sherwani then it would be wise to to opt for light pastel colours. And it is advisable to choose something with less work on it as in this hot summer it will help you to breathe easy and look comfortable. Light colors are soothing to the eye if it is a day wedding and it also makes you feel easier. Light colors give you an airy feeling, which is just perfect for this hot summer. And did you know this year pastel coloured wedding attire is totally in fashion. So, why not set a trend and also be comfortable.

Choose Solid Colours For Indoor Venue:

There are many men who like dark colours and not pastel colours so, if your wedding venue is indoor like a banquet hall or some hotel banquet, then you can wear your favorite solid colors like dark blue or royal blue. But, if in case your wedding venue is not indoor and the venue is like typical lawn or farmhouse it is better if you avoid wearing dark colors, it will just make you uncomfortable and restless on the best day of your life.

Adding Some Patterned Bow Or Tie:

The wedding time is one of the essential factors that govern the selection of what a groom should wear on his wedding day. If you are getting married in the night time you can go for suits as the weather in the night is cooler than the day. And if the venue is an indoor venue then suits look classy. You can also wear dark shades and team it up with any light coloured tie with patterns as they are trending this year as a part of wedding attire. A patterned tie will add edge to your wedding suit and make it more formal. There are many designer suits available that give a classic indo western look. Making you look stylish and keeping you comfortable at the same time.

Opt For Light Fabric:

Weddings are process where you need to sit in front of the fire for hours and before that greet the guests as well. So, if you are getting married in this summer it is ideal for you to opt for some light fabric for your wedding attire. If you are thinking that wedding happens once in a lifetime and you should get something in heavy fabric, then I must tell you you are asking for trouble. You will be restless and uncomfortable in those heavy wedding attire.

So, its advisable that you choose a fabric that is light, airy and comfortable. You get your level of comfort on your wedding day you do not need to compromise on your classy look but you just need to be smart and get that classy and sophisticated look even by staying comfortable. You do not want to wear something heavy and then be a sweaty groom.

No Tie To Breath With Ease:

Many men are not comfortable with a tie. It is perfectly normal as we do not have a habit of wearing tie regularly. But on their wedding day they wear a tie so that they do not look too casual. Your wedding day is not the day to don something that you are not comfortable in. If you are not comfortable with tie, then don’t wear it. There are many designer suits that look great even without a tie. Just remember tie is just an accessory not a part of the attire. As long as your wedding suit is nice and looking awesome without adding something else to it, then just go without the tie.

These little tips will sort any groom’s ‘what to wear’ trouble for this summer wedding season but what about his friends so, a quick tip for them as well. Do not be the guy in a heavy tuxedo standing afar and sweating you can easily opt for some light breezy cloths that will not compromise your style quotient and will also look classy.

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