Do You Think That Happy Marriage Is A Myth?

happy marriage is a myth

“A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created”

Marriage is the biggest turning point in one’s life. After marriage you are not only responsible for yourself but also for your spouse. Every girl before getting married has many dreams and hopes for this new life. I recently went to a wedding where the bride was nervous yet excited with the thought that she is getting married. She shared all her expectations of her husband. Hearing all her hopes just one thing crossed my mind, will her hopes come true all will it get shattered, she doesn’t even know the guy how can she hope so much? When I shared my thoughts with her she smiled and told me one thing you cannot get married with the thought that may be happy marriage is a myth.

When you get married you are in a confused state of mind because you feel happy and at the same time you are scared of the uncertainty. We all hear a lot of things about marriage and relationships before we even decide to get married. This thought crossing my mind wasn’t unusual as I have seen many people cribbing that there is nothing happy about being married, rather I have heard them saying that happy marriage is a myth.

Most people say that when you get married you have to make some compromises and live with it. I have even heard many people saying that marriage is nothing, but a lifelong commitment with tons of responsibilities. But that one wedding and now seeing that bride so happy made me realize that actually this thought this is not right. This is how we perceive things or this is how we react over things. If you believe in yourself and if you know how to make this the most special relationship, you are definitely on the right track.

Let’s Take A Quick Look At Some Of The Pointers That People Make To Support The Idea That Happy Marriage Is A Myth

Fighting Over Silly Things:

It is true and yet very common to get into argument with your spouse over simple things every time. These fights are definitely not serious as they are usually over silly things. Do not take these silly and witty fights to your heart rather enjoy these fights and make these fights an opportunity to get closer to your spouse. Well, didn’t you fight with your parents all the time in your teenage did you take those fights seriously? Definitely not then why not do the same now. But always avoid saying anything touchy; let your argument be fair with your spouse so that it strengthens your relationship.

Share Everything From Your Feelings To Your Problems:

If you think this is to be the worst thing then you are so wrong. This is one of the best parts of marriage. It brings you closer and makes your relationship strong. Just think over, your spouse does not compel you to share anything but you do so any how because you love to share things with your spouse because it connects you with him/her. Sharing things is not a compulsion but your choice.

No Time For Myself:

‘Me’ time or self time, this is another big jittery thing for married people. Most people think that after they are married they will not get their personal space. But, this is actually not true. If you have a good understanding and bond with your spouse and you do respect each-other’s individuality you will surely give each other the personal space, they want.

No Time For Friends:

This is another myth that very conveniently get linked with marriage. Why not debunk this myth today as it is not true that you can never be able to enjoy night-outs or spend quality time with your friends? You can plan a day out with friends anytime you want to even after marriage and your spouse will not have a problem as marriage is not the end of the world or your freedom.

Bigger The Family Bigger The Responsibility:

Most of the married people believe that once you get married, you are compelled to take care of both the families. Yes, this is in fact true. But why not, we think a bit differently, to start with you will have more people to share your happiness with and more people to rely upon. We all have heard the saying ‘more the merrier’, well this is apt for this point. If you have a big family, you can celebrate all festivals and all the happy moments of your life with your family and you will never feel alone. So, it is not a burden or too much responsibility, besides it is your chance to establish a good relationship with your new family in disguise.

Every marriage faces an adjustment phase but that does not mean that happy marriage is a myth rather the above mentioned points are the real myth in any relationship. So, do not get married with a pre perceived notion that happy marriage is a myth because if you do so you won’t be able to look beyond it.

Getting married means first you need to look for a suitable groom or bride who is perfect for you. And now search for the perfect life partner has become very easy with the introduction of so many matrimonial sites. These sites offer a vast data base thus, making your search easier.

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