Must Have Couple Poses For Your Wedding Album

couple poses for wedding album

When you are getting married there are a lot of things that you need to think about and plan out but there is one thing that you do not need to plan but you would need and that is a perfect wedding album. An album filled with memories of the best day of your life. We cannot deny a fact that ladies are a better poser than men and they can give expressions that would speak volumes about her emotions but that does not mean that you being her perfect life partner, would also be her perfect posing partner so, save yourself from hearing an earful before the wedding and opt for some fun poses that would showcase your love and also some fun.

There are some very common poses that we see on the social sites but these days, photographers are going for the fun and candid poses as they are natural and easy to do for the couple especially the groom. So, here is a list of some poses that you can include in your wedding album:

The Classic Royal Shot:

Have you seen those royal paintings on the wall of some of the royal houses, where the groom stands behind the bride who is sitting on a chair that looks like a partial throne. I bet you have, well this classic shot never goes out of style and you can always include this in your wedding album. This shot would give that royal opening to your album and then you can follow this shot by some fun moments.

Full Of Drama.. Uh.. Melodrama:

We all are aware of the phrase ‘Two is the company, three is crowd’. Well, if I take the liberty a make a change in the phrase I would do it as ‘two is the couple and three is crowd’. You must be wondering why did I say this, well we all have a friend in our group who is always the third wheel between you two loving couple. So, why not make him/her a part of your picture and make it a melodramatic yet fun picture for your wedding album. You would see the picture later and laugh at all the fun that you had on your D-day.

Part Of The Monochrome:

Black white pictures never losses its glory and they always look the best, I would say better than colored ones. You can always get such black and white pictures clicked for your pre-wedding shoot and make it a part of your wedding album. It would simply add the timelessness to your love and a unique type of glamour to your picture.

The Walk Together:

We all love seeing couples walking had in hand on beaches and park. But what about leaving the wedding mandap together hand in hand. Now, wouldn’t that be a perfect moment to capture and save for the future. So, that you can turn the pages of time whenever you want and relive that very moment.

Because We Want To Be Together:

Every couple would agree with me when I say that there is a different kind of fun in sneaky romance. So, when your wedding preparations are at the full swing and your family has said no on a meeting, why not sneak away amidst the functions and as your photographer to click you to get that natural shot which would make a great addition to your wedding album.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge:

You must be wondering what pose is this, well you do not have to think too much just think of the famous groom lifting the bride pose. Isn’t the pose just reminds you of this song? It reminds me of this song thus, the Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge pose. I feel that it is a very sweet and romantic pose to include in your wedding album. It portrays the love that you share with each other.

Love In The Rains:

Rains have always been related with love and we cannot deny it that when it rains you tend to feel the romantic in you just coming out. So, why not make that shot a part of your wedding album. These days many photographers take such umbrella shot of couples with the help of a few special affects and trust me these turn out to be very unique and romantic shot.

The Swag Couple:

Nowadays everyone is getting the swag style. And couples who are fun-filled and fun loving can get such photos clicked on their wedding. It would show all the fun that they can have as a couple and even catch the glimpse of the love that they share. It would be a perfect blend of romance and fun making it on of the best additions to the wedding album.

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