Be A Contemporary South Indian Bride!


If I had to choose between various weddings that I have witnessed I would choose 2 of them as my favorite one being Bengali as I am a bong so a bit bias and the second one being South Indian wedding. Well, most of you know that all their rituals happen at 4 in the morning and so you might ask why do I like it. Well, the timing is pure and I live long wedding rituals that last for long hours. Imagine getting married within an hour won’t that be boring? At least I feel it will be as weddings are fun and the rituals that are followed during any Indian wedding are very elaborate, beautiful and fun filled.

But something that I have noticed at a South Indian weddings is that the brides these days have become very contemporary, it is not that the traditionalism is completely lost but along with the traditional touch, they are also maintaining their true modern personality. We cannot deny the fact that by being traditional we cannot give up our own personality so, it is a great idea to balance them in a way that you can be both traditional and modern.

Many of you would say that traditional South Indian brides look really beautiful but let me tell you that a twist of fusion takes their look to a new level. Here are some ways in which even you can be a contemporary South Indian bride.

Kanjivaram With An Unusual Motif:

Earlier when South Indian brides chose kanjivaram saree for their wedding they opted for those single shades like pink and red but these days the fashion dynamics have changed a lot and South Indian brides are opting for kanjivaram with motifs. The motifs can be anything from peacock to but as they would undoubtedly stand out during the ceremony. There is a possibility that you are among those brides who are not confident about pulling off a motif kanjivaram, then you can also opt for the color combination kanjivaram as they look stylish and traditional at the same time.

Drape It Differently:

There are many different ways to drape a saree and it is all over the internet hence it is not difficult to learn. So, why give your traditional look a touch of modernity by draping your saree in a different way rather than wearing it in the same common way that everyone does. Don’t you want to stand out on your special day. I bet you do. But again the same question arises what if you cannot pull it off on your wedding day. Well, for that why not try it out on for some other homely function to see which style suits you the best so that you can wear your saree the same way on your wedding day.

Opt For A Kanjivaram Lehenga:

Not only the fashion dynamics but also wedding dynamics are also changing as recently I witnessed a North meets South wedding. Thinking it to be a love marriage? Well, no the South Indian bride met her groom on an Indian matchmaking sites. Awesome right? Well, the best part of the wedding was the mixed rituals and especially the bride herself who did not want to disappoint her family nor her to be family so she chose the perfect balance. Wondering what? Well, instead of choosing between a designer lehenga and kanjivaram saree she chose a designer kanjivaram lehenga which was the perfect blend of North and South. Even you can do the same if you want to wear a lehenga and your family is set on kanjivaram. It is traditional and modern at the same time.

Let Your Blouses Be Cool Instead:

Our parents sometimes so set with the traditions that we cannot do anything about it and surrender to their wishes but what if I told you that you can still add glamour to you traditional kanjivaram saree and be the contemporary South Indian bride. Wondering how? Simple just get a trendy and stylish blouse stitched with that traditional saree. But remember to not make it too out of proportion as a balanced look is the best look that you can don on your wedding day. But if you are wearing the traditional south Indian saree which is white with golden border you can add an oomph of color to it by wearing a blouse of the contrasting color.

Oomph Up Your Look With Jewelry:

South Indian wedding means gold jewelry from top to bottom. Well, not anymore as brides are opting for precious stones like ruby and emerald to oomph up their wedding look or add a dash of color to it.

These are some of the simple tips that any South Indian bride and use to add glamour and style along with traditions to her wedding look.

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