6 Innovative Christmas Wedding Ideas You Will Love

christmas wedding ideas

I love winter weddings! Some of you might just laugh and wonder why when it is so cold, and you cannot wear anything that you want. Well, it is the season that brings in love and of course what can be better than the wedding on Christmas Eve. It is also called the season of love and miracles and in Indian weddings well, at times we do need miracles.

But there is another good thing about winter weddings but especially for the women, you do not have to worry about sweating out your makeup. You can enjoy the whole wedding without doing any touchups before taking a selfie. And for the bride well, they won’t sweat and get tired wearing all those heavy ornaments for hours. They are tiring to look at, I bet they would be equally tiring to wear. For me, wedding during the month of December has always been Christmas wedding. 2 years back I was attending one of my colleague’s wedding that was on the Christmas day. You might ask why I remember this wedding well, it is not because it was on the Christmas day but because of the décor that they had opted for.

Theme weddings have gained a lot of popularity in India in the past few years and the wedding, am mentioning has opted for Christmas theme wedding as they were getting married on the Christmas day. The wedding looked perfect. It was as if getting married in a winter wonderland. That is what got me curious so, I decided to do a search on Christmas wedding ideas that that would make a wedding venue look even more inviting and make your wedding a day that people would remember for years.

Here Is Something That You Can Do For A Christmas Wedding:


When we talk about a Christmas wedding the only colours that come to me are red and green. Well, you may say that it is a western thing but hey! aren’t you forgetting that Indian weddings are the most colorful ones. You can always deck up the wedding venue with red and green but just do not overdo it as then it might end up looking gaudy and we certainly do not want that to happen. We want people to talk about the wedding but not laugh about it. So, use the festive colours smartly. If it is an open area wedding, you can easily use it in the canopy.


Flowers are very important for an Indian wedding. And decorating with flowers are one of the oldest traditional touches at Indian weddings. So, why not choose red roses or orange-red marigold for the décor. But if you want something classy and sophisticated then you can opt for the seasonal flowers like the curry plant or Phloxes. But it is a Christmas theme then why not arrange for red and white Poinsettia flowers as they are the perfect Christmas flowers and will also look classy as a part of the décor.


You might wonder what Invitation has to do with the wedding décor. Well, it is a fact that your invitation says a lot about the décor as what your guest should expect a sophisticated wedding or a flashy one. You might say that you took the help of matrimonial sites in India to choose your partner thus you are not sure whether he or she will like it or not. Well, this might just give you another excuse to talk with them. It is a Christmas wedding you can spread some Christmas cheer along with the invites. Let your invites be simple in the bold color or even pastel would look perfect. But along with the invites, you can also give a box of cookies. Won’t that be a great touch?


While choosing a venue do not restrict yourself you can go big with it. If you are planning an indoor wedding and the wedding would take place in the morning, then choose a hall with big windows so that the light can give a warm feel to the venue. But if you are set for an outdoor venue to make sure the décor is perfect, and it has enough twinkle lights to give it a fairytale feel. You can never have enough twinkle lights and they do look awesome. But don’t get caught up in the décor that you forget to arrange heaters for your guests as it is a winter wedding after all.


It is an Indian wedding, and nothing would impress our guests than some evergreen Bollywood dance songs that would keep your guests on their toes and then again you can incorporate a dance floor for them too. But in the dining area choose some light music like some classical orchestra as that would relax your guests and create a warm ambiance.


For the quick bites you should include hot drinks and some spicy Indian siders as it would keep your guests warm. Indian food has a lot of flavours so, you have a vast menu to choose from but remember it is a winter wedding so, choose dishes that are very famous during the winters so, that your guests are confused what to eat first.

These are some of the pointers that you should not forget while choosing ideas for wedding décor as when all these points are checked that is when it creates an unforgettable wedding.

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