The Dos And Don’ts Of Choosing Wedding Ceremony Music

choosing wedding ceremony music

“Marriage is like music, both are playing different instruments and different parts, but as long as you are playing from the same sheet music you can create something beautiful”

Being a girl I know how every girl dreams of their wedding day from a very young age. From dress to hair to wedding themes everything is decided even before they can find a groom for themselves and sometimes even before they are of legal age. Well, these are just dreams that any girl would have. But when a girl is getting married and her wedding day is nearing she has to convert all her dreams into reality. It might seem strange as every girl have some very illusive dreams and bringing them to reality is not that easy but for that the wedding planers are there.

Many say that just after you are engaged the wedding starts but the reality is that for a girl the wedding starts only when she starts to walk down the aisle before that they feel nervous and confused but it becomes all the more real as she starts to walk down that aisle. At that time, you do not want anything to be out of place you want everything to be the way you had imagined it would be and that definitely includes the wedding ceremony music.

Wedding music does create a very serene environment and informs everyone that the bride is entering the pavilion. Many brides prefer the traditional instrument being played while there are few brides who prefers a little modern music. Whatever be the choice it has to be perfect and the fact is you should not settle for less after all it is your wedding day. But yet there are some do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind:

Before You Decide The Type Of Music Do Check Your Wedding Venue Acoustics:

You might be thinking of booking a band for your wedding ceremony but if your venue is a huge area or if it is an open area wedding then the idea would be perfect but if it is a little more intimate area then it would be a bad idea as it would be loud and might irritate your guests. So, the size of the venue is very important while choosing the kind of music you want.

Use Music To Jazz Up The Mood:

If you are choosing music to play at different wedding ceremonies then choose the music as per the mood of the ceremony. You can always go with light music for the Haldi ceremony and with a little more upbeat swing music for your wedding reception. These choices will set your guests in the mood and they would not feel bored as that is the case when you play monotonous music.

Plan The Breaks That Your DJ Would Need Smartly:

No DJ can play non stop for a stretch of 5 – 6 hours so they would need breaks. But does that mean that your guests would be in silence while your DJ is on a break. I don’t think you would want that as you want your guests to enjoy not get bored so, why not plan those breaks before hand. Ask your DJ about it and ask him to put on a playlist of some wedding ceremony songs while he is on break so that your guests are not left in silence.

Do Not Wait For The Last Minute To Book Your DJ:

The wedding season is already here and if you are have still not booked your DJ then, it might not be a smart move as there might be many DJ’s but they might be booked or if they are not then they will charge you double for the last minute booking.

Don’t Expect That Your DJ Would Agree For Overtime:

They might charge you a certain amount for a stretch of 5 hours but if you feel that the ceremony will last longer then inform him while booking as he might on agree for overtime once on at the venue. So, it is smart to not expect him to.

Don’t Ignore The Noise Restrictions:

Every venue nowadays has noise restrictions that is you cannot play the music higher that the given decibel. But there are some wedding planners who just tend to ignore them make sure your wedding planner is not one of them as that might create a hindrance during the ceremony.

These are some of the tips that you must remember while choosing music for your wedding ceremony. But before that you need to choose your Mr. Perfect and for that there are many matrimonial sites like the Punjabi Matrimonial Sites. Choose the correct life partner and the correct music and your dream wedding is on track.

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