Celebrities Who Tied The Knot In A Low Key Wedding

celebrities who tied the knot in a low key wedding

Bollywood, well for me it is simply lights, camera, and action. Be it a wedding or a rumored romance everything in front of the media eyes. But if we specifically talk about weddings then almost all the Celebrity weddings become the talk of the town. Starting from the date the couple is tying the knot to which designer is designing their outfit, where are they getting married, where are they off for their honeymoon. Every detail of their wedding surfaces for weeks and sometimes even months.

Some celebrities share such details with the media with a lot of enthusiasm while there are some who just prefer keeping everything under wraps. Some even announce their wedding on the social media platforms which actually comes by as a shock to their fans. Let’s talk about such celebrities who tied the knot in a low key wedding.

Celebrities Who Tied The Knot In A Low Key Wedding

Shahid Kapoor And Mira Rajput:

While talking of low key weddings the first name that comes to our mind is the wedding of Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput. Well, their wedding the maximum media interest despite being a low-key wedding. The whole hale luia started after Shahid announced it on social media that he is getting married. Everyone hoped it to be like any other celebrity wedding that is a typical Bollywood wedding, but it was rather a low-key affair in Delhi which was kept well under wraps from the media glare.

Kunal Kapoor And Naina Bachchan:

When I first read that Kuna Kapoor and Naina Bachchan got married my first reaction was “Really? When?” I am sure this was the reaction that many would have given. The second wedding of the famous Bachchan family was a very low-key affair that only took place with family and friends. No one would have known of the wedding if Kunal Kapoor had not shared a picture of their wedding way after the ceremony on social media.

John Abraham And Priya Raunchal:

John Abraham whose initial career started as a rumored affair with Bipasha Basu but soon everyone got to know that he was dating Priya Raunchal. But it was far from anyone’s expectation that their wedding would be such a hush-hush matter. The strangest thing is it happened on the spur of a moment when the couple was holidaying in the US. Hadn’t John shared a tweet wishing everyone for new years and mentioned ‘John and Priya Abraham’ no one would have known of their wedding.

Aditya Chopra And Rani Mukherjee:

Whether they are in a relationship or not was the talk of the town for years but way before anyone could get a confirmation on that there was a news of them tying the knot in a secret wedding in Italy. This took the industry by shock and even her fans were astonished. The guest list had only 20 members and well if you want to know from B-town, there were only 2 people Karan Johar and Vaibhavi Merchant.

Celina Jaitley And Peter Haag:

Most of you might not even remember her but am sure the name will ring a bell of some of her famous songs. Well, her marriage with Peter Haag was also a very low-key affair and almost nobody knew about it until she announced it on twitter that to a month after tying the nuptial knot. They got married in one of the most romantic settings that is a thousand-year-old Monastery in Austria.

Vir Das And Shivani Mathur:

The name might ring a bell as he is the stand-up comedian now turned an actor. Well, his marriage again was a secret one. He got married to his longtime girlfriend after 5 years of courtship in Sri Lanka. No one had a clue about the wedding until their wedding pictures surfaced on social media that too after a month of tying the knot.

Ranvir Sorey And Konkona Sen Sharma:

This was a couple that most were aware of, but their marriage only came into the limelight just a few days after Konkona Sen Sharma’s pregnancy rumors started doing rounds. They got hitched at the actresses Mumbai residence in a low-key fashion. But later on, the actress announced the news on Twitter.

Preity Zinta And Gene Goodenough:

Preity Zinta one of the celebrities whose marriage predictions were something that was everywhere be it social media or the tabloids. But she chose to get married in a secret wedding in Los Angles to her longtime boyfriend Gene Goodenough. The only celebrities invited to her wedding were her good friends Sussane Khan and Surily Goel. But later she broke the news to her fans in a very interesting manner through Twitter.

The list will only tell you that secret or low-key wedding is very possible even within Bollywood where everything is in front of the media. But for these celebs, their fans are happy that they have found their special someone. You can get that too. Yes, that does not mean you have to have a low-key wedding, you can surely have a big fat wedding but for that, you need the perfect person which you can find with the help of Khatri matrimony sites. A perfect life partner can make you and your life filled with happiness.

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