Famous Celebrities Marriage That Made Everyone Go Gaga

celebrities marriage - shilpa shetty and raj kundra

When we talk about Bollywood and Bollywood celebrities, the only thing that we talk about are some gossips that we get to know with the help of the media. From affairs to marriages to baby bumps the media covers it all. A celebrity can never escape the shutterbugs and the media glares. Be it a late-night party or airport scenes media is everywhere for them. I always felt this to be unnecessary but then I realize that they are the star and they are habituated to it.

You may think this is just the recent scene but let me tell you this has always been a celebrities’ life. While reading such articles on newspapers and the internet I usually joke that be it on the big screen or in front of the camera during some gala a celebrity must always be into their character, they can hardly be their own person.

But in the last few years, some celebrities marriage made everyone go gaga. It was not only the B-town but also the ardent Bollywood fans who went crazy over the marriages. Some marriages shocked us because the couple successfully hid their innocent love from the shutterbugs and some marriages were so extravagant that it was hard to miss. You must be wondering which marriages am I referring to well then let’s start off with an old pair but a famous one.

Bollywood Celebrities Marriage That Will Leave You Stunned

Hema Malini And Dharmendra:

This was one of the most talked about the relationship of the 80’s. Hema Malini the dream girl of Bollywood and Dharmendra was called the Garam Dharam. Their love story and marriage both were completely filmy, ironic, isn’t it? Well as they belonged to different communities their parents were against the match, but they decided to yet pursue the relationship and converted to Islam and had a secret Nikah. But later, they had a proper Iyengar style marriage as Hema Malini was an Iyer. The media gave a lot of attention to this story but the fans of the couple went gaga over their true love story.

Aishwarya Rai And Abhishek Bachchan:

Another couple who hid their love story from the prying eyes of the media. When the wedding was announced it raised many eyebrows as it came as a shocker. But when the details of the wedding started being disclosed everyone went gaga over it. It started with the elusive wedding invites. This was another money guzzling wedding of the B-town that no one could stop talking about because of its classic beauty.

Genelia D’Souza And Ritesh Deshmukh:

The cute couple of B-town who successfully hid their love story for 8 years from the shutterbugs but did not try to hide their wedding away. Rather the luxurious wedding did make people go gaga over it. Everyone talked about the beautiful and classy wedding affair of the cutest couple. It made people more and more curious about their love story and how it all started. Well, that is still a mystery.

Rani Mukherjee And Aditya Chopra:

Their link-up rumors were doing round for years and it was the most talked about one as there was no confirmation from the couple rather they kept quite about the whole thing. But then there came the official announcement of the Yash Raj studio that the couple had tied the knot. This the news was real, and they had actually tied the knot in Italy in a discreet wedding with just family and friends. This was the proof that Aditya Chopra did not just make romantic films he lived it too. This was the very reason that made everyone go gaga.

Shilpa Shetty And Raj Kundra:

Now if I mention some of the most talked about marriages because of its royalty then the first would be the marriage of Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra. The marriage announcement itself was a shocker as no one knew about the couple but people went gaga over the marriage after seeing the uncut diamond ring of Shilpa Shetty. It was one of the most lavish weddings and the media did not miss out a single part of it nor did the fans.

Mira Rajput And Shahid Kapoor:

After several link ups and rumors with various B-town actresses well actually co-stars, the wedding announcement of Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor was like a volcanic eruption that crushed many hearts. Shahid Kapoor used to be considered as the chocolate boy of Bollywood and then was considered the hunk. The marriage announcement got a lot of media attention which also cost the actor his female fan following. Their marriage came as a surprise to everyone as Shahid chose to opt for an arranged marriage and chose a girl who is 13 and a half years younger to him. But their first appearance together made everyone go gaga over the couple and their wedding.

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