Mandap Ideas Perfect For Winter Wedding 2018

Earlier if you would tell your family that you want your wedding mandap to be fancy they would say “What? Why? What is the need? You just need to get married there then why to spend money on the mandap?” Well, this was the scenario a couple of years ago but now Bollywood has influenced the weddings a lot and people are not only getting professional photographers Read More

6 Lehengas That Are Just Perfect For Winter Weddings!

Winter is already here, and I know how most of you are impatiently waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones. Well, while sulked over that I decided to browse through the internet to see what are the latest trends in Lehengas for winter weddings as it is also the wedding season and know bride of their friends should opt for soothing that is not in fashion this year. Read More

Pros & Cons Of Winter Wedding If You have Or Will Get Married In Winters

I have been attending weddings back to back this year that too from the month of November. There is no doubt that winter came in early this year and more and more people around me got married. Well, but there is another thing that I usually notice among the to be wed couples that when they have to select the dates for a wedding they are all confused and lost about it. Read More

8 Bollywood Celebrities Who Got Married In The Romantic Winter Season

When we talk about Bollywood celebrities, the only thing that we can think of are some gossips that we got to know about with the help of the media. A celebrity can never escape the shutterbugs and the media glares. Be it a love story, controversy, scandal, baby bump or marriage the shutterbugs get it all. They never miss out on anything. Read More