Small Food Additions That Your Guests Would Love At Your Wedding

What do you look forward to when you go to a wedding in India? All of you will have various answers to this simple question but if you ask me I would say just one word and that is food. All of us go to a wedding, greet the bride and the groom and straight head to the food section, well along the way we may pass few knowing glances but that’s it. Read More

Mandap Ideas Perfect For Winter Wedding 2018

Earlier if you would tell your family that you want your wedding mandap to be fancy they would say “What? Why? What is the need? You just need to get married there then why to spend money on the mandap?” Well, this was the scenario a couple of years ago but now Bollywood has influenced the weddings a lot and people are not only getting professional photographers Read More

Trends For Grooms For 2018

Whenever we talk about wedding attire, we have an auto set button to think about the bride’s wear and we leave out the groom completely. Well, this new year that will not happen because it is not only the bride who looks attractive during the wedding it is also the groom who has to look perfect to so that they can steal the show. Read More

6 Major Wedding Trends For 2018 To Watch Out For!

There are many trends that come in and go out and we do not even get to know of them. But nowadays I should thank the Bollywood movies and social media that we get to know about all the latest wedding trends. No one does weddings like Indian movies. I mean where else would you find weddings that are so colourful, filled with music and dance and some beautiful outfits to look out for. Read More