9 New Jaimala Trends Without Roses

Jaimala is a ritual followed in Indian weddings where, the bride and groom exchange fresh flower garlands with each other. This ceremony is not just considered to be the meeting of two souls, but rather the union of the two families, amalgamation of tradition, values, and customs which would make the entire wedding complete. Read More

Cool New Indo-Western Fusion Desserts To Serve At Indian Wedding!

“Kuch Mitha Ho Jaye”

 A very common slogan that we have been hearing for a very long time now. Cadbury came up this slogan long ago and it is very true when considered us Indians as sweets are part of all the emotions in our life be it happiness or sadness sweets are always there.Read More

5 Spring Wedding Decor Trends to Know

Wedding season is again here and everyone is busy planning out their spring summer outfit, makeup, and hair but what about the décor, have you thought about it because all those decors that you have seen at winter and summer weddings will not cut out because yours is a spring wedding and you need a wedding décor that is spring specific to your outfit and makeup.
Read More

Wedding Trends Started By Bollywood That Became Mainstream

Whenever we think about weddings the first thing that comes to our mind are those Bollywood weddings that we see on screen in TV serials and movies mainly in Dharma banner films or Yash Raj banner films. These weddings are not only huge and lavish but are portrayed in a way that any girl would feel like a princess on her wedding day Read More

Dhamakedaar Wedding Entry Ideas For Brides And Grooms

After being part of so many weddings be it friends or cousins one thing that I have come to realize is that a wedding in India is way more than just union of two souls as the scriptures say. These days, weddings in India goes beyond conventional rituals and traditions. Read More

Hairstyle Trends For Different Wedding Functions!

“The right hairstyle can make the plain women beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable”

You must have sorted out all your outfits for each of your wedding function, even your accessories match your outfit for the day but what about your hairstyle? Are you planning to go for that same age-old hairstyle that every bride does, if you are then I would suggest thinking again!Read More

Small Food Additions That Your Guests Would Love At Your Wedding

What do you look forward to when you go to a wedding in India? All of you will have various answers to this simple question but if you ask me I would say just one word and that is food. All of us go to a wedding, greet the bride and the groom and straight head to the food section, well along the way we may pass few knowing glances but that’s it. Read More

Mandap Ideas Perfect For Winter Wedding 2018

Earlier if you would tell your family that you want your wedding mandap to be fancy they would say “What? Why? What is the need? You just need to get married there then why to spend money on the mandap?” Well, this was the scenario a couple of years ago but now Bollywood has influenced the weddings a lot and people are not only getting professional photographers Read More

Trends For Grooms For 2018

Whenever we talk about wedding attire, we have an auto set button to think about the bride’s wear and we leave out the groom completely. Well, this new year that will not happen because it is not only the bride who looks attractive during the wedding it is also the groom who has to look perfect to so that they can steal the show. Read More