Must Have Lehenga Choli Accessories To Raise Your Oomph Factor

“Fashion fades, style is eternal”

It has been said time and again that fashion keeps changing with time. We have seen that the quintessential Lehenga choli has been through multitude changes through time so has the accessories that are worn with it. It is true that these days people believe in minimalistic fashion but just tell have you ever seen a bride following this trend? Read More

Wedding Day Essentials You Will Actually Use for Years to Come!

When you are getting married you wonder what will you do with all that heavy wedding jewelry that you don on your wedding day. They are too traditional to wear on normal days and then they are made of gold, so you would be skeptical about wearing them at parties. So, will they just be like an asset you own at some bank locker? Read More

Trends For Grooms For 2018

Whenever we talk about wedding attire, we have an auto set button to think about the bride’s wear and we leave out the groom completely. Well, this new year that will not happen because it is not only the bride who looks attractive during the wedding it is also the groom who has to look perfect to so that they can steal the show. Read More

Bride And Groom Dress Code That Will Rock in 2018

Wedding trends are changing every year and more more the western culture is influencing us the more we are changing. Well, I always feel it is Dharma films that has brought in all these changes. I mean who would have thought that something a mainstream like a mehendi ceremony could become so happening with just some music and dance performance. Read More

6 Lehengas That Are Just Perfect For Winter Weddings!

Winter is already here, and I know how most of you are impatiently waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones. Well, while sulked over that I decided to browse through the internet to see what are the latest trends in Lehengas for winter weddings as it is also the wedding season and know bride of their friends should opt for soothing that is not in fashion this year. Read More