Have You Packed These Destination Wedding Essentials?

Brides are you ready to fly out to the destination for your dream wedding? But being ready for the wedding that is mental preparation is not enough because you might be already going crazy because of all the arrangements that need to be done of the wedding at the location that you have chosen. Read More

North Indian Wedding Rituals – Traditional & Colorful!

India is a melting pot of cultures and traditions and if we even go through our scriptures we would realize that weddings in Indian had always been a celebration. It has been a celebration so big that every one of the society has been enveloped by the grandeur of the celebration. Read More

Interesting Props For Your Bridal Girl Squad Pictures!

“It’s sassy, it’s flirty, it’s like having several human glitter ball by your side on your big day”

Every girl needs their girl squad by their side for all the functions of their wedding. It has been truly said that ‘a girl cannot do without her friends’. Well, you might ask why, when she has all her family members around her. Read More

Vidai Ceremony – An Emotional Ceremony In Indian Wedding

When we talk about Indian wedding ceremony they are quite different from another part of the world. Be it any religion Hindu, Muslim or Sikh, Indian wedding and their rituals are famous worldwide. Indian wedding is a fusion of cherished moments for everyone. With the celebration of different ceremonies during wedding season, the final ceremony is the most emotional one i.e. Vidai Ceremony.  On one side everyone is celebrating the wedding on the other side bride leaving her parent’s house.Read More

Roka Ceremony In Hindu Weddings – An Important Pre Wedding Ritual

As the wedding season is nearing and I have started getting invites to various wedding ceremonies. There is no doubt that wedding ceremonies in India are very vibrant and fun-filled. But something that always made me go gaga is the wedding rituals and what’s that thing that makes it so special. However hard I tried I could never grasp the specialty of these rituals. Read More

Bhai Dooj And Its Significance – Why We Celebrate Bhaiya Dooj

Bhai dooj a day I always wait for. You might ask why, well it is the only day when my brother gets me a gift. I have a kid brother who never leaves a chance to spend my money to fulfill his wishes after all he is the younger one and has a right. But it is this day when he spends his pocket money to buy me something. The reason might be because on this day the brother promises to safeguard his sister. Read More

Wedding Reception – The Bride Introduction Ceremony In Indian Wedding

Wedding in India is one of the most extravagant affairs that is marked by great pomp and gaiety. There is a riot of rituals and customs that are observed in any Indian wedding ceremony. These customs are not only practiced on the day of the wedding, but they extend beyond that and continues even after the wedding day. Indian wedding rituals start 2-3 days before the wedding and end 2-3 days after the wedding day. Read More

Sacred Rituals of a Hindu Punjabi Wedding That Will Leave You Mesmerised

India is a land of culture and colors. The variety of culture is so intense that it would bewilder one to go crazy! The fun factor is very much included in pretty much all areas of life but when it’s about the wedding, boy! do they know how to celebrate with massive energy and zeal. It won’t be unusual for one to see ladies in designer lehengas and heavily embroidered sarees. Read More

Significance of Auspicious Kanyadaan Ceremony in Indian Wedding

I have always been an admirer of Hindu weddings and I have always been interested in Hindu wedding rituals and their significance. But one ritual that always made me sad and proud at the same time is the Kanyadaan, where the parents offers her daughter as a pious gift to the consenting groom who accepts her as his wife forever.Read More