Why First Diwali After Marriage Is Always Special?

Your first year of marriage happens to be a celebration itself. Everything is very special and the excitement is always high. But when it is about festivals after marriage well, they have a very different level of excitement altogether. You feel all jittery as you are the newlyweds and there are a lot of expectation from you. Well, let me tell you an incident so that you understand exactly what happens. Read More

Marriage Versus Live In Relationships – Which Is Better?

There was a time when live in relationship is India was considered sin. Though am not saying that this thinking has completely changed but people now a days have become more open to the concept. Living in a big town I usually see couples renting flat and staying together before marriage. I never understood why the rules were so strict earlier as live in relationships has its benefits as well. Staying with the person you love under the same roof helps you to understand his life style and also brings the two of you closer. Read More

10 Things Every Woman Wants Her Mother-In-Law To Know

Whenever we think of mother-in-law we get the image of a disapproving and nagging woman. But this is not the scenario in real life. We get this notion because of all those movies and the TV shows. But remember they are fiction and not reality. I am not saying that everyone is really good but always keep an open mind when you enter a new home because they do not know you and neither do you know them. If you have pre conceived notion it might not turn out fruitful for your relation.Read More

How Small Changes Can Assure Of Lasting Relationship In Marriage

“A happy marriage is not magically created but rather it is always a work in progress”

As a newlywed you can never imagine that your relation may get stale or even worse end as an addition to the divorce rate of the country. After all the first time you two met you fell in love instantly and decided to get married. Read More

10 Things To Do In The Courtship Period To Come Closer To Your Partner

“A perfect marriage is when a couple learns to enjoy their differences”

One day my best friend suddenly calls up to inform that she has found her Mr. perfect that to over a matrimonial site. I was taken aback as what happened she always preferred love marriage over arranged. On enquiring the same she said she just wanted to mix up both and it s kind of fun just like falling in love for the first time. I could feel from the sound of her voice that she had butterflies in her stomach. Read More

Do You Think That Happy Marriage Is A Myth?

“A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created”

Marriage is the biggest turning point in one’s life. After marriage you are not only responsible for yourself but also for your spouse. Every girl before getting married has many dreams and hopes for this new life. I recently went to a wedding where the bride was nervous yet excited with the thought that she is getting married. Read More

5 Relationship Tips To Remain Happily Married

A Happy Marriage is hard work, ask your parents, and they will tell you. There is no way you tie the knot and leave it on autopilot. Your plane will crash, for sure, if not crash, at least the flight will be so boring, you will want to jump out of the aeroplane.

This article is not meant to scare you, and if you are planning on taking the plunge anytime soon, a few relationship tips won’t do any harm.

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6 Best Ways To Spend More Quality Time With Your Partner

In our modern lives, it is often necessary for us to focus on our careers and make sure that we earn enough to make our ends meet. However, we often do this at the cost of our relationships. Quite often, we may live in different cities where we hardly have time for each other. We may even hardly find enough scope to talk to each other over the phone. If that is the case with your marriage, then you and your partner should actively and purposefully try to take the time out to be with each other. Here are some of the ways in which you can find time for your husband or wife and spend quality moments with each other.

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How To Negotiate In Your Relationship?

There are often times in a relationship when you will need to negotiate your needs with your partner so that both can reach a balance and neither of you two would feel like they are giving up on something. However, for many people negotiating with their needs can be easier said than done. This is so because either they take on a stance of being too flexible or being too rigid. This is hardly the ideal as one needs to take on a balanced approach so that the needs of both partners are met with and neither the man nor the woman feels that their necessities are not being fulfilled. In all relationships, both partners tend to want different things from time to time and therefore it is always necessary that a balanced agreement is reached. Here are the various ways in which you can negotiate healthily in your relationship.Read More

Some Soft Ways To Tell Him That “You Care”

It is a well known fact that men and women often differ on certain basic things. For instance, men are by nature more impulsive whereas women tend to analyze things a lot; men and more visual whereas women are more verbal. Therefore, it is no surprise that what might work to impress a woman may have hardly much impact on men. So if you are looking for ways to impress your man, then you should learn about the ways in which you can make your man respond the most. Read on to find out how you can show him that you truly care. Read More