Experience The Sweetness Of Bengali Marriage

Being a Bengali myself I have been a part of Bengali marriages from a very young age. Sometimes all I can remember is being a ‘Nitbou’ in my aunt’s wedding was my first wedding but when I go through the wedding albums at home I realize I were a part our family weddings even before that. Read More

The Elegant Rituals Of Kshatriya Wedding

We are aware of the Hindu caste system and we also know that Kshatriyas are the second in line after the Brahmins. During any Hindu marriage, be it arranged or love this is one of the biggest points that is considered before they say, ‘I do’. But these days, matrimonial sites have gained a lot of popularity because of its availability but even then, people want caste and religionRead More

Jain Wedding Rituals – A Glimpse Into Jain Weddings

I love being part of weddings mainly if that wedding is of some other culture. To witness the beauty of India through its traditional marriages made me curious to be part of different cultural weddings but there was still a wedding that was missing from the list and that was a Jain wedding. This was not the case for long as I got a chance to be a part of one soon enough. Read More

Rajput Wedding Rituals – A Glimpse into Rajput Weddings

Weddings are one of the beautiful moments of somebody’s life. For the bride and the groom, it’s a journey to new life and for the family, friends, and relatives it’s something that puts them through all the preparations. Read More

Mooh Dikhai Ceremony – A Post Wedding Ritual In Hindu Wedding

Weddings are one of the most beautiful things that happen in our society. No matter what phase of life you are in, weddings have this amazing capacity to lighten our mood. My brother recently tied knot and let me promise you, it could not be a more emotional affair for all of us! One such moment was Mooh Dikhai. Read More