Best Bachelor Party Ideas To Make Your Singlehood Memorable

“It is hard to judge a man’s true character by his bachelor party etiquette”

 At my best friend’s bachelor party, we were all not actually partying but rather hanging out at our favorite adda point when suddenly he said, “Guys it’s my last day of freedom” I was taken aback at the words.Read More

The Importance of Marriage – Why Should You Marry?

While growing up, I’ve always wondered what marriage meant. I would ask every older person around about it and they would come up with the variety of explanations. Some of them would intrigue me, some would bewilder me. After having gathered a lot of theories, what hit upon me was one fact, “the beautiful coming together of two unfamiliar souls”.Read More

Which Is Better, A Working Girl or A Housewife as Life Partner?

Women are the backbone of a society and a household as they are believed to be more patient in dealing with various issues. We have been talking about women power for a decade now, but did you know that women in India were more liberal during the ancient times than we in the new era.Read More

Is Beauty Or Brains More Important In Choosing A Life Partner?

The question Is Beauty or Brains More Important In Choosing A Life Partner has been in the circles for many years and is still a very hot topic. Should we pick a person who has an overwhelming personification of beauty or someone who is smart and intellectual? Read More

How To Face Your Future In-Laws For The First Time

Prepared to walk down the aisle? Then let us tell you this little secret, you are not just going to marry your spouse, but also your in-laws. And the tougher part is you don’t get to choose them either. And, unlike your own parents, dealing with the in-laws is more complicated.Read More

Top Things Every Girl Must Learn Before Marriage

One night before the wedding a girl can only think of hugging her father and not let go, lye down on her mother’s lap and stay there forever. She feels nostalgic, excited, and scared all at the same time. She has small butterflies in her stomach that refuses to go away. Read More

How To Make A Thoughtful Marriage Decision With Indian Matrimonial Sites

“Marriage” well the word itself defines it all! We always hear people saying that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. This popular belief is true to any extent because marriage is a special bond shared between two souls, who tie the wedding knot after promising to be companions for a lifetime.Read More

Top 7 Winter Honeymoon Destinations in India

The chants of wedding bells have begun and two individuals are ready to join each other on a journey of togetherness. Marriage, a relation which binds two families as well as two souls with an eternal bond for a lifetime! While the knot is being tied, life starts to takes a new route towards romance, love, and bliss. Read More

Why First Diwali After Marriage Is Always Special?

Your first year of marriage happens to be a celebration itself. Everything is very special and the excitement is always high. But when it is about festivals after marriage well, they have a very different level of excitement altogether. You feel all jittery as you are the newlyweds and there are a lot of expectation from you. Well, let me tell you an incident so that you understand exactly what happens. Read More

5 Tips To Help You Find ‘The One’ On Matrimonial Websites

Marriages in India are usually arranged by the boy and the girl’s parents. The family usually does so with help of the local pandits of their web of relatives. But in the recent times, matrimonial sites are becoming very popular they help you to find your Mr. Perfect or Ms. Perfect in just a few clicks. But I never believed that old customs like this can break so easily but then while flipping through the channels on TV, I came across an advertisement where the mother of the girl tells her husband and daughter that they will search the groom through a matrimonial site.Read More