Top Things Bride’s Brother Should Do On Her Wedding

Relationship of a brother and a sister is very pure in every sense and during the sister’s wedding there are many things that are brother must do not only during the various rituals but also at times when his sister is alone. No sister can deny the fact that her brother is the only person who loves you and irritates you at the same time. Read More

Top Bridesmaids Songs For Your Bestie’s Wedding!

When your best friend gets married you are bound to have many responsibilities from being there for her when she is freaking out while trying her wedding function outfits or going out with her to buy all those clothes and jewelry. You also need to be there to calm her down when she is all worried about her weight and that small pimple that has suddenly appeared on her face. Read More

7 Easy Ways to Get More Responses to Your Matrimonial Profile

These days all those who are deciding to get married or are agreeing to arrange marriage are opting the matrimonial sites to find themselves a groom or a bride. They follow the steps point to point and make their profile on any of the reigning matrimonial website Read More

Hairstyle Trends For Different Wedding Functions!

“The right hairstyle can make the plain women beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable”

You must have sorted out all your outfits for each of your wedding function, even your accessories match your outfit for the day but what about your hairstyle? Are you planning to go for that same age-old hairstyle that every bride does, if you are then I would suggest thinking again!Read More

Small Food Additions That Your Guests Would Love At Your Wedding

What do you look forward to when you go to a wedding in India? All of you will have various answers to this simple question but if you ask me I would say just one word and that is food. All of us go to a wedding, greet the bride and the groom and straight head to the food section, well along the way we may pass few knowing glances but that’s it. Read More