Essential Bridal Jewelry And The Related Beliefs

Whenever I get ready for some event I always make sure I have the right jewelries with my outfit. If it is a wedding and am donning something ethnic, then the jewelry that I choose should be Indian too. Well, this is not just me who does this. This is the story of every girl. Read More

Best Bachelor Party Ideas To Make Your Singlehood Memorable

“It is hard to judge a man’s true character by his bachelor party etiquette”

 At my best friend’s bachelor party, we were all not actually partying but rather hanging out at our favorite adda point when suddenly he said, “Guys it’s my last day of freedom” I was taken aback at the words.Read More

5 Things You Must Consider Before Saying Yes To Arranged Marriage

“Your choice of a life partner may well be the most important decision you ever make”. Especially when it’s an arranged marriage, it not like that they are bad. But there are certain things that one need to focus on before giving a thumb up for arranged marriage. Marriages are made in heaven, they say. Read More

Mooh Dikhai Ceremony – A Post Wedding Ritual In Hindu Wedding

Weddings are one of the most beautiful things that happen in our society. No matter what phase of life you are in, weddings have this amazing capacity to lighten our mood. My brother recently tied knot and let me promise you, it could not be a more emotional affair for all of us! One such moment was Mooh Dikhai. Read More

7 Tempting Reasons Why Getting Married In Early 20s Is A Smart Decision

Marriage – the most beautiful phase of life! But what is the average age of getting married? The late 20s or early 30s they say, but hey getting hitched at young isn’t a bad idea at all. In fact, there are numerous reasons as to why getting married in early 20s is a smart decision.Read More

Vidai Ceremony – An Emotional Ceremony In Indian Wedding

When we talk about Indian wedding ceremony they are quite different from another part of the world. Be it any religion Hindu, Muslim or Sikh, Indian wedding and their rituals are famous worldwide. Indian wedding is a fusion of cherished moments for everyone. With the celebration of different ceremonies during wedding season, the final ceremony is the most emotional one i.e. Vidai Ceremony.  On one side everyone is celebrating the wedding on the other side bride leaving her parent’s house.Read More

Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind These 6 Popular Indian Wedding Traditions

In India, there are various rituals that we follow during a wedding. Be it any cast, region or culture each wedding in India has their own set of rituals and these traditions are fun-filled but still we sometimes hear that they have no significance or any scientific reason behind it and they are just a part of our tradition which we have been following for ages. Read More

Significance Of Tilak Ceremony – Groom Acceptance Ritual In Hindu Wedding

Weddings, especially Indians, as we know is all about colours, glitters, dance, gossips, singing, heavy traditional preparations and not to forget, rituals! In Hindu tradition, rituals differ a bit from other religions. Here we are going to address an important wedding ritual called tilak ceremony which is basically a groom acceptance ritual.Read More

Pre Wedding Rituals In Agarwal Community – A Glimpse Into Agarwal Weddings

Weddings are the celebrations that bring everyone together. The wave of love and nostalgia is all over the place. I personally love this concept because the excitement and the rush just make everything so fascinating. Here we are going to talk about the pre wedding rituals in Agarwal community.Read More

Wedding Reception – The Bride Introduction Ceremony In Indian Wedding

Wedding in India is one of the most extravagant affairs that is marked by great pomp and gaiety. There is a riot of rituals and customs that are observed in any Indian wedding ceremony. These customs are not only practiced on the day of the wedding, but they extend beyond that and continues even after the wedding day. Indian wedding rituals start 2-3 days before the wedding and end 2-3 days after the wedding day. Read More