Every Day Is Women’s Day – Salute To All Woman From Vivah Creations

Can you imagine a day without a woman in your life? I bet you can’t. If you stay at home your mom wakes you up, cooks for you and does all that you just think about. If you are married your wife does the chores for you. Our every day starts with a woman and ends with one. Read More

Bridal Jewelry Trends For 2018 Brides

“Jewelry has the power to be the little thing that makes you feel unique”

Whenever we talk about an Indian bride the first thing we think about is the jewelry. Well, I would not say that you shouldn’t, after all, we are women and jewelry are our best friend. I have been to many weddings and something that I have always wondered that how can a bride don so many jewelry for such length of time. Read More

Essential Bridal Jewelry And The Related Beliefs

Whenever I get ready for some event I always make sure I have the right jewelries with my outfit. If it is a wedding and am donning something ethnic, then the jewelry that I choose should be Indian too. Well, this is not just me who does this. This is the story of every girl. Read More

Things A Bride Should Do To Impress Her Mother-In-Law

It was a friendly coffee on a moonlit evening when my friend’s boyfriend suddenly said that ‘my mom wants to meet you tomorrow’, at the moment we all had a shocked expression on our face but on her part just a casual ‘hmm’ saved her at that moment but when we were going back she was all worked up with just the thought of meeting her would be mother in law. Read More

How To Face Your Future In-Laws For The First Time

Prepared to walk down the aisle? Then let us tell you this little secret, you are not just going to marry your spouse, but also your in-laws. And the tougher part is you don’t get to choose them either. And, unlike your own parents, dealing with the in-laws is more complicated.Read More

Top Things Every Girl Must Learn Before Marriage

One night before the wedding a girl can only think of hugging her father and not let go, lye down on her mother’s lap and stay there forever. She feels nostalgic, excited, and scared all at the same time. She has small butterflies in her stomach that refuses to go away. Read More

Arranged Marriage: What To Ask A Guy In First Meeting

Whenever we think of arranged marriage we get a little biased as we do not know how the guy might be and meeting them for the first time makes us nervous well that creates most of the problem. Arranged marriage has always been a part of the Indian society and almost 90% of the marriages in India are arranged. I feel that this biasness is because every girl dreams about a guy who will give her feeling of butterflies in her stomach. But that is certainly not possible in an arranged marriage but what if I told you that it is possible only if you give it a chance.Read More

10 Things Every Woman Wants Her Mother-In-Law To Know

Whenever we think of mother-in-law we get the image of a disapproving and nagging woman. But this is not the scenario in real life. We get this notion because of all those movies and the TV shows. But remember they are fiction and not reality. I am not saying that everyone is really good but always keep an open mind when you enter a new home because they do not know you and neither do you know them. If you have pre conceived notion it might not turn out fruitful for your relation.Read More

26 And Still Single For Being A Girl In India? How Does It Feel Like?

Are you 26 and still single? Are you a girl living in India? Well, I would say take the first flight out of the country. You may laugh it off and wonder why do I say such a thing as being 26 and single is not crime. Yes, it indeed is not a crime but in India society does make it look like one.
Read More