Be A Contemporary South Indian Bride!

If I had to choose between various weddings that I have witnessed I would choose 2 of them as my favorite one being Bengali as I am a bong so a bit bias and the second one being South Indian wedding. Well, most of you know that all their rituals happen at 4 in the morning and so you might ask why do I like it. Read More

Things Every Bride Should Decide Before Planning Your Roka!

There are many rituals that take place before the wedding but the first ritual is certainly the Roka ceremony. I know that it is not there is many traditions but it is a very important part of the Punjabi weddings. These days everything can be done online be it finding your partner with the help of the Punjabi matrimonial sites or booking all the party needs. Read More

Things Your Groom Is Thinking—But Won’t Tell You

Your wedding day is yet a month away but you are engrossed with the arrangements but something is bothering you and that might be that why is your groom always making excuses when you ask him to join you for something or the other. You might have had fights with him already. Well, well, well, please it is your wedding do not argue with him already as you would get time for all those arguments after marriage. Read More

Things Every Bride Expects From Her Groom – Revealed!

There is no doubt that every bride to be wants a fairytale wedding. She has been dreaming about this day for years. Actually, I must say from the time when she did not even understand the concept of marriage, she has been planning her wedding day. The type of jewelry she would wear, the type of outfit she would choose and all the decorations that would be there during her wedding. Read More

Offbeat Bridal Portraits You Just Can’t Miss!

“Pictures capture the moments that our hearts want to revisit”

I have been to many weddings and I have not seen a single bride say no to pictures. Well, why should they, after all, they go through all those hours to get that perfect bridal look so that they could show off and get their pictures taken. Read More