Bride And Groom Dress Code That Will Rock in 2018

bride and groom dress code

Wedding trends are changing every year and more more the western culture is influencing us the more we are changing. Well, I always feel it is Dharma films that has brought in all these changes. I mean who would have thought that something a mainstream like a mehendi ceremony could become so happening with just some music and dance performance. Or may be a wedding that would be arranged by friends and family can now become extraordinary just like a fairy tale with a little help form Wedding planners.

I couldn’t have imagined this even 10 years back when I was still at school and my brother was getting married. I saw my family going bewildered over preparations and everyday something or the other fell out of place but at the end we all ended up having a lot to laugh at and talk about. Well, this might not be the scenario now as couples are opting for matrimonial sites like Punjabi matrimonial sites to choose their partner and even getting a planner to plan their wedding.

Not that I dislike it but I miss that personal touch of craziness. Whatever might be the case something that has got me all excited about wedding this year is the bride and the groom’s matching or colour coordinated outfits. Well, it might not be a trend this year but would definitely be one in the year 2018. You might be wondering how crazy that might sound, actually it isn’t that crazy. It does look unique and in a way even cute. Dress codes at wedding at like hot cakes and bride and groom dress code, well that definitely tops’ the list.

Here Are Some Of Bride And Groom Dress Code That Will Rock in 2018:

Bride And Groom In White With Golden Work:

From our childhood every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding. There is not a single girl who would say that they did not have such a dream. Every girl wants a prince charming as their husband and their wedding to be right out of a fairytale book. Well, you can get that not only by the décor but also walking down the isle with your groom in white and the little golden detailing on both of your outfit would just add on to that fairytale charm.

Ivory And Gold For The Bride And Pista Green For The Groom:

This season everyone is more into pastels and following the same even on your wedding day is definitely a brave choice. Most of you might say that ivory and gold is not an ideal bride dress code for a wedding and neither is Pista green for the groom. But there is no harm in being unique at least for the other functions of your wedding.

Mint Blue On Bride And Baby Pink On Groom:

Having a morning wedding then you definitely do not want something flashy as it hurts the eye. Why not go with the pastels again? The combination might sound odd but they look dreamy. The brides can always go with mist blue outfit whereas the groom can don a baby pink outfit. Guys do not worry it is not a feminine colour because colours do not have gender.

Cream With Floral For Brides And Powder Pink For Grooms:

Floral embroidery is very much in fashion this year and it would continue. Why? Well, if you have seen Anushka Sharma’s wedding outfit closely you would know why. Brides can always wear a cream lehenga with floral embroidery and the groom can opt for a powder pink outfit as the groom’s dress code would compliment the bride. This would make them look a dreamy and a perfect couple.

Benarasi On Groom And A Monotone On The Bride:

I think your first reaction would be WHAT? Am not surprised as we are habituated to see the other way round so this flip might give you a bit of a shock but if you don this look people would be awed not in a way ‘what the hell is wrong with them’ but more like ‘damn! They look stunning’. O, this wedding season why not you be a bride in monotone whereas guys you can be the groom who would rock the traditional Benarasi prints.

Bright Colour On The Bride And A Plain White On The Groom:

There is no doubt that this is another out of the box combo. This combination is perfect for ceremonies like the mehendi which happens during the day. Girls you can easily go with a bright yellow coloured outfit whereas guys you can don an outfit that is plain white as your outfits would compliment each other.

Rocking The Same Hue Of Pink:

Shocked! Well, don’t be as this is very much in trend this year. Be it the wedding day, sangeet, mehendi, or your engagement. Brides and grooms are opting for the same hues of pink and they are rocking it at the same time.

Aren’t these the most out of the box ideas to make your wedding more memorable. I mean who would ever forget a couple who matched or coordinated their outfit and also wore it with style.

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