Bridal Mehendi Designs That Will Make You go Wowwwww!!!

bridal mehendi design

Mehendi is one of the most important ritual of an Indian wedding. This ritual usually takes place two days’ prier to the wedding day.But in some cultures it is just a mere fun time and not a part of the ritual. Well, I think this is just in the eastern side of India where as in other parts of the country mehendi ceremony is one of the most important ritual. In this ceremony the bride adorns beautiful henna designs on her hand and feet. As per the traditions it is also customary for the groom to also apply a little mehendi as a token to keep bad omens at bay.

You might be wondering why is it so important to apply mehendi. Well, there is a significance of this ritual as well. It is not just a tradition that we have been following for centuries. While talking about the significance of mehendi ceremony I can simply start of by saying that mehendi represents the bond of matrimony and is also considered good luck. Well, I have also heard the elders say that it represents the love between the couple and their families.

In simple terms, here are some of the popular beliefs of this ritual:

  • It is said that the darkness of mehendi colour on a bride’s hand signifies the deep love the would-be-couple would share.
  • I have even heard that mehendi colour also potrays the love and understanding between the bride and her mother-in-law.
  • There is also a believe that the longer the mehendi colour stays, it is auspicious for the couple.
  • In the olden days Mehendi was also considered to be the symbolic representation of fertility.

This was a lot about the ceremony now coming to some of the bridal mehendi designs that would amaze you:

The Hashtag Design:

These days we are so much into social media that we are also making it a part of our wedding. There are couples who are hashtaging their wedding on social media and there are also some brides who is hashtaging her grooms name in her mehendi. Awesome right! Well, these mehendi designs have become famous as hashtag design.

Tota Maina Design:

As I earlier mentioned that mehendi as per tradition represents the love between the couple. So, this particular mehendi design is perfect addition to the latest mehendi designs for brides. As the love birds made with henna represents love in every sense possible.

Mehendi With Swag:

There are various types of brides but something that I am seeing among brides these days are that they want to make their swag a part of their wedding. Be it entering in swag or getting mehendi design that showcase their swag. Well, these designs are gaining popularity with the name of swag mehendi.

There is no doubt that the bride and groom mehendi which is quit traditional is again gaining popularity but this time with a twist. Brides are opting for traditional mehendi design but with a touch of modernity. Wondering how? Well, the dancing couple mehendi is an example of the same as it shows a couple but in a modern avatar.

Varmala Bridal Mehendi:

This is another old mehendi design that has resurfaced today. This is beautiful design where a bride is shown holding a vermala. This mehendi depicts that the bride is ready to get wed and it is also the moment that matters the most in any bride’s life.

Floral And Alta Design:

It is traditional for brides to apply alta on their feet on their wedding day as it is another symbol of good luck and also a symbol for married women. So why not incorporate mehendi and alta in the form of design. These days there are many brides doing so. They are opting for floral mehendi design for their feet and also applying alta along with it giving the mehendi design a dash of red.

Jali Mehendi Design:

The jail mehendi design is another design that has never gone out of fashion and has always remained every bride’s favorite. As it is not only simple and classy but it also looks very pretty on every bride and goes perfectly with all the wedding outfits too. Brides also go for this design as it can be applied on hands and feet so they do not have to choose two designs which might get daunting as there are so many beautiful designs available these days.

The Groom Mehendi:

We girls always wish that are husbands listen to us but the thing is we hardly get a groom who will follow all our words but that does not mean you cannot do that with your mehendi. The groom mehendi portrays a groom dancing on the bride’s tunes at least on her mehendi. Awesome right!

So, aren’t these designs just the perfect range that you can choose from for your big day. I am sure there are many more designs available but these designs would just make all the girls go wow.

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