Bridal Jewelry Trends For 2018 Brides

bridal jewelry trends for 2018

“Jewelry has the power to be the little thing that makes you feel unique”

Whenever we talk about an Indian bride the first thing we think about is the jewelry. Well, I would not say that you shouldn’t, after all, we are women and jewelry are our best friend. I have been to many weddings and something that I have always wondered that how can a bride don so many jewelry for such length of time. It is not just me but most of you have wondered this at weddings. This is because we are of the new generation and wearing jewelry is not something that we prefer; occasionally it is fine but regularly that is daunting.

Then when you have to suddenly wear all those hands down heavy sets for hours that is when you will your best day has become a nightmare. Well, after being to so many weddings there are things that I have noticed and one of them is the dynamic of weddings and how they have changed from an intimate affair to a celebration involving the whole society but again the intimate ceremonies are resurfacing. But amidst all this, something that did and did not change is that even now the bride steals the show.

Talking about the jewelry they change every year but I would say it does not because even today we love those traditional designs a little too much. Here are some jewelry trends that you would witness in 2018:

Going The Traditional Way:

These days, traditional jewelry is fast catching up on the bridal trend and this year it might not surprise you to find many brides adorning them with panache.The elegance of the traditional jewelry is such that it gets beautifully amalgamated with the essence of the events like engagement, Mehendi as well as the rest.Even the modern jewelry designers have started including traditional motifs into their modern jewelry designs so that it turns out to be something new without losing the beauty of Indian traditional jewelry.

 Multi-Layered Look:

Whenever you imagine yourself as a bride you imagine yourself in many necklaces well, multi-layering of your jewelry is something that you do with your silhouette but this year it is going to be another major trend for bridal fashion.Multi-layered necklaces that have four to five layers add a royal look to your wedding attire. Kundan, mirror work, precious stone, pearl, and pacchi are some of the styles that would be huge for multi-layered necklaces for brides in 2018.

 Moon Shaped Balis:

Moon shaped balis which is also known as Chaand Balis in the traditional term is gaining popularity in the bridal fashion due to their distinctiveness and traditional approach. These moon shaped balis look unconventionally beautiful when combined with indo western lehengas and dresses mainly for your reception and engagement functions.Donning a pair of big chaand balis in Kundan and pearl dangling would look amazing and beautiful on a bride well it would also add the required glitter to your attire.Traditional Earrings:

Traditional Earrings:

Jhumkas are the set of traditional earrings that I would say can never ever go out of fashion. However, it is also a fact that they keep on evolving from what they used to be earlier to what they have become now. Even for all those modern brides who are looking forward to don a traditional Indian look for their wedding, cannot beat the charm of a jhumka that would definitely make her shine like a diva on her special day. Jhumkas are the only piece of traditional jewelry that practically goes with everything which you call traditional, be it salwar suit, lehenga or saree, you can just never go wrong with jhumkas when you fall short of options.

Big Nose Rings:

Over the past years the trend of wearing nose rings have slowly been diminishing among the modern brides as it is not easy to wear it for long hours, but a small stint by the Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor at one of her red carpet appearances and BAM, the trend of over sized nose ring is back and well, here to stay for the wedding season. Over sized nose rings made of Kundan and gold is among all the favorite bridal accessories for 2018 wedding season.They have a tendency to enhance your look as a bride and add a glow to your face. However, you must be careful of your face shape while selecting the oversized nose ring for your bridal look as a wrong choice can go off the slope with your look.

So, what would be your choice for the wedding season as these jewelry trends are also perfect for the bridesmaids

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