Essential Bridal Jewelry And The Related Beliefs

bridal jewelry and the related beliefs

Whenever I get ready for some event I always make sure I have the right jewelries with my outfit. If it is a wedding and am donning something ethnic, then the jewelry that I choose should be Indian too. Well, this is not just me who does this. This is the story of every girl. And when you are the bride you have to wear all the jewelry that is essential for the bride to wear. Well, you might think what are these essential bridal jewelries and what is so essential about them.

Earlier even I thought the same until I attended a friend’s wedding where I saw my friend and her mother arguing over jewelry. She did not want to wear all those heavy jewelry as it would spoil the look of her designer lehenga. But her mother was dead against it as it was a tradition that she could not break. Seeing the heated argument, the bride’s grandmother intervened and asked her if she knew the meaning behind each jewelry and like me, she looked clueless too. When I asked her, what were they that is when she started explaining about the bridal jewelry and the related beliefs.

She started by saying that for every bride, dressing up and looking their best on their wedding day takes makes the priority and there is no question that jewellery definitely forms the most vital part of the look. And there is no doubt that we are quite familiar with the traditional jewellery pieces that every bride should wear. But, were you aware that a nose ring or nath traditionally, represents the bride’s virginity? Well, this just the start.

When she was done with her list I was awestruck by knowing about the essential bridal jewelry and the related beliefs. So, here is the list for you that she passed on to us:


Earings something that any girl would never fail to put on. Whether they are a bride or not earrings have always been the most important jewelry that any girl wears. But as for the believes, it was believed in the olden days that evil spirits could enter our body through any openings. And it was also said that ornaments would prevent that. So, apart from the fact that they have acupuncture benefits, it is believed that they work like a protector against evil for the brides.


Be it proposal or engagement a ring binds you with love. Worn on the third finger and believed that the nerve of that finger leads straight to the heart. But again, rings are also worn as style statement too. But during the engagement, it is a symbol of love and togetherness and only worn on the third finger of the left hand as per the belief.


You might be wondering why anklet as we wear it as a fashion statement. Well, in olden days, anklets were not worn by unmarried girls. As fashion and style have changed this concept has come in. But if we go by traditions anklets were worn by married girls and it symbolized the arrival of the bride to her husband’s house with the tinkling sound of the anklet.

Bangles And Bajubandh:

Again, these days both of these have become fashion statements but if we talk about traditions then, glass bangles are said to bring safety and luck to the married woman’s husband. The color and design of the bangles vary from region to region. In North India brides wear Chooda which is a set of ivory and red bangles. Whereas in Bengal, the mother-in-law gifts her daughter-in-law iron bangle that is plated with gold. But in South India, green bangles are said to signify fertility and prosperity. There is another ornament that is traditionally worn by Indian brides known as bajuband or armlet. It is a beautiful piece of ornament that was worn by kings and queens in the past, it was worn for the belief that it signifies strength and ability – as they are the virtues that are vital for a bride.


I have always loved to wear kamarbandh whenever I don a saree. But one day my mom suddenly asked me if I knew the significance. Definitely, I did not. But that day at my friend’s wedding I got to know the significance. When my friend argued that the guy she chose was as per their wish that is from the Brahmin matrimonial sites, but she wanted to wear jewelry as per her choice that is when her grandmother said that there is no doubt it adds on the grace of the bride, but the ornament is designed in a way that would allow it hold a bunch of keys which signifies the assumption of authority at the bride’s new home.


On the wedding day the bride wears many neckpieces that are made of gold and precious stones but during the wedding the neckpiece that the groom makes her bridal wear is the mangalsutra which she wears as a symbol of their love and commitment till death does them apart.

Toe Ring:

Toe ring or Bichiyas as known in Hindi, are basically small, metal bands worn on the toes. Traditionally, they are a symbol of marriage which is particularly worn in Southern India and are made of ornately decorated silver. They are worn in pairs on the second toe of each foot.

Well, these are some of the essential jewelries that every bride wears but what is more interesting is their beliefs. Aren’t they??

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