Bhai Dooj And Its Significance – Why We Celebrate Bhaiya Dooj

bhai dooj and its significance

Bhai dooj a day I always wait for. You might ask why, well it is the only day when my brother gets me a gift. I have a kid brother who never leaves a chance to spend my money to fulfill his wishes after all he is the younger one and has a right. But it is this day when he spends his pocket money to buy me something. The reason might be because on this day the brother promises to safeguard his sister. Well, whatever might be the reason this festival is a very sweet festival that showcases the adorable bonding of a brother and a sister.

There is a unique understanding between any brother and a sister even after all the fights they have. If I tell about myself well, there isn’t a day that goes by without our fights. But yet we are the best of friends to each other, we are each other’s protector, admirer, the secret keeper in other words blackmailers and also share an unconditional love that goes beyond everything. It is very difficult to decode all the feelings that siblings share. But in India, there are festivals that strengthen those feelings between the siblings. One such festival is Bhai dooj. On this day the sister prays to the lord for her brother’s longevity and good health. In return, the brother promises her that he would always protect her and be by her side.

I love to celebrate this day with lots of pomp and show as this day is dedicated to siblings and I have a big band of cousins who come down to my place for this very day. We make sure that we spend all the time together and relive our childhood as nowadays it has become quite hard to meet up because we are so busy with our lives. But last year I found out from a friend that Bhai dooj is celebrated in various forms among almost all the communities in India. I knew some communities do celebrate this day but this information got me excited even more and I turned to the internet to find out more about this festival.

Bhai Dooj is known by many names across India. Some call it Bhaiya Dooj, while some call it Bhau Beej or even Bhai Phota. This festival is celebrated by the Hindus of India, Nepal and some of the other countries. Bhai Dooj is observed on the second lunar day of Shukla paksh of the Kartik month. In the southern parts of India, it is known as Yama Dwitiya. You might wonder why this name. Well, as per one of the many mythologies oh Bhai Dooj, on this very day Yama the God of death met his sister the Yamuna. It is also believed that he met his sister on the Dwitiya of the Kartik month. Therefore, the name Yama Dwitiya.

As per the other stories of origin my favorite is the one where it says that on this day Lord Krishna met his sister Subhadra, who welcomed him with a lot of love and honour and did his customary Tilak. Thus, this day was observed as a day for siblings. This is not all, like any other festival even this festival has significance. Like any other festival in India celebrated the togetherness and the bond of a family. Every festival has its own value and meaning, similarly even Bhai dooj celebrates the glory of the unique relationship that is shared by a brother and a sister.

This festival also shows the importance of siblings in one’s life. This occasions also provides a golden opportunity to the woman who is bound in the clutches of her day to day routine, to visit her native place and meet her parents also mingle with her siblings. Bhaiya Dooj is like paying an homage to the pious relationship of the brother and a sister and it also smoothens their bond further.

Bhai Dooj brings in a lot of happiness, affection, and warmth between their already close bond of a brother and sister. This festival is also a way to present the love and care of brothers and sisters to each other. As time is passing by and people are becoming more and more busy in their life, the Bhai Dooj festival has no doubt changed its form to e-mails, e-greetings, mobile phones, chocolate and beverage hampers, and so with the advancement of technology and lifestyle. But, the basic significance of the festival and the feelings and emotion that is involved in celebrating this wonderful festival is still the same. In the present time, we can say that Bhai Dooj will always remain significant and consequential part of Indian culture for years to come.

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