Best Bachelor Party Ideas To Make Your Singlehood Memorable

bachelor party ideas

“It is hard to judge a man’s true character by his bachelor party etiquette”

 At my best friend’s bachelor party, we were all not actually partying but rather hanging out at our favorite adda point when suddenly he said, “Guys it’s my last day of freedom” I was taken aback at the words. Because for me marriage was always another phase of life which is way different from the life we were leading. So, coming comparing them for me was always madness. On voicing my concerns, I just received weird looks in return.

That is when my mind drifted off to the motive of bachelor parties and all I could think of is that marriage is basically a celebration of the new life that you are about to enter, and similarly, there is also a life that you end up leaving behind. Yes, you are thinking right I am talking about your life as a bachelor. Though I feel bachelorhood is a prolonged celebration, yet there is no doubt that it still calls for a bachelor party to celebrate that silver lining; maybe just to enjoy for one last time the real meaning of being single and without responsibilities. I guess I answered my own question of why my friend said it is his last day of freedom.

It is being a year to that and now I am in charge of my brother’s bachelor party. So, as I said the wedding is a celebration itself then why make your bachelor party any less. Your bachelor party should always be an event or a series of events that you would remember years after your wedding and say, “That was a fun night.” The best way to make it interesting and memorable at the same time is by making it unique through some theme bachelor party ideas. The choice of the theme should always depend on your personal interests, but here are some really cool themes that I liked while selecting a theme for my brother. Celebrate the last days of your bachelorhood in style.

Indulge In Memories:

Marriage is a time when people will expect you become more mature, but bachelorhood is simply the opposite of that. School or college days are the ones that you cherish the most as well miss the most. So, why not relive those days with your buddies in one night. You can get the venue decorated with your photos from those days or even with the posters that used to be found in your room those days. You can also play the same songs which used to be your favorites. If you are planning a school theme party, you can even get hold of some school uniforms to give that authentic feeling. And last but not the least when your friends are with you, they will simply take care of the rest.

Become The Rock Star You Wanted To Be:

My brother dreamt of becoming a Rockstar so that was the theme that I chose. I gave him a chance to become a Rockstar and rule stage. So, that he could use this moment to live his dream of becoming a Rockstar. For this theme, you can simply prepare a loud rock concert event as a bachelor party. Sing, dance, say jokes and play some drums or just string an electric guitar. You can also have a karaoke night or simply lip sync to your favourite songs. Well, this will help you to use your outburst of emotions to entertain others.

Make It Sporty:

Most guys are usually ardent sports lovers and I know how energetic they feel when they are on the field. So why not plan a friendly sporting event, it can either be football or a cricket match. You can put in all the energy that you have been stacking up for all these years and go wild with the ball for one more time. You never know your friends might just let you win because you are jumping into the pit of marriage.

Fun On The Road:

You must have watched the film ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ and you know the road trip they took around Spain as a bachelor week well, you can do the same. Not necessarily Spain but it can be somewhere around India. The destination that you choose might be an old-time spot or somewhere completely new. You can either hit the breath-taking beaches or the mind-boggling mountains, the destination doesn’t even matter but being with your friends do. The best thing about these trips is that it is largely unpredictable, and fun unfolds as you keep rolling. Just a word of caution always organizes such trips at least a week before your wedding or else you might just get stuck like the ‘Hangover’ boys.

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate your bachelorhood does not matter as much as the company you are in. So, enjoy the time as if it is the end of the era and then step into the life of responsibilities.

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