How Small Changes Can Assure Of Lasting Relationship In Marriage

small changes assure of lasting relationship in marriage

“A happy marriage is not magically created but rather it is always a work in progress”

As a newlywed you can never imagine that your relation may get stale or even worse end as an addition to the divorce rate of the country. After all the first time you two met you fell in love instantly and decided to get married. Even if your marriage was arranged by your parents you had enough time to know each other and gradually fall in love. But after you are married this love lasts for some time as eventually real life takes its course and you get so engrossed in it that your marriage takes a back seat.

But if you let your marriage sit on the back seat for too long you will one day suddenly wake up to the fact that you and your spouse have nothing in common and practically both of you are leading a separate life. This is the worst thing that can happen to a couple who were once head over heels in love with each other. As a newlywed you have a lot of opportunity in your hand to take measures so that your marriage does not take a back seat. At the end of the day we all know that “A marriage only lasts when it comes first”

Here Are Some Golden Rules That Will Assure Of Lasting Relationship In Marriage:

Fall In Love Each Day But Always With The Same Person:

If you wish that, your married life is strong and happy, start each day by making a personal commitment to each other and remembering all the promises you made to each other during your wedding. On the wedding day during the pheras you make promises that you will always love and honor your spouse. You will cherish her and comfort her. You will always remain faithful to her and support each other in the good times and the bad till death does you apart. Remembering these vows will help you to fulfill them each day of your marriage. And in that way you will fall in love with each other every day thus your marriage will never take a back seat.

Does Your Self Worth Come From Work Or Your Marriage:

Ask this question to yourself whenever you wonder why that is your marriage that was once the only thing that mattered taken a back seat. It is great to be called the head of your department or the manager at home but always remember that once you are home your wife is the manager and what would you prefer to call yourself the head at work or a happily married man to a beautiful and loving wife. From where your self worth comes is very important if you want a long and lasting relationship. Prioritizing your marriage over everything makes your marriage a long and lasting one.

Loving Your Spouse Is Important But Appreciating Them Is Necessary:

Giving your partner Compliments will make them feel very pleased at that moment, and if you do so everyday, well then it is the best long-term vitamin you can give to your marriage. To do so you can start by reminding yourself of all the reasons why you fell in love with them in the first place that is how you can list down all the points that has changed in him or her but for the good. Vocalize your feelings to your partner everyday so that they know that you still do love them just the way you did before you were married. Everyone loves appreciation and the lack of this positive reinforcement makes your partner feel unhappy and not so important. Thus, ensure that you always make it a point to appreciate your partner and express your feelings whole heartedly.

Acknowledge Your Partner’s Efforts:

Complimenting your spouse is necessary and so is acknowledging her efforts. If your spouse doesn’t like to do a certain work make an effort to do it. It is just give her the feel that you care for her and if you are at the receiving end make it a point to vocalize your gratitude. She might not ask for it but she does hope for one. This little thing can always keep the love alive in your relation.

Changing Each Other Is Not A Good Option:

Before you try correcting your partner for his or her behavior, just take a step back, think did your behavior push him or her off the edge, and compelled such a behavior. Trying to change each other when things go hay ward in a relationship or just throwing the towel when you see things not going your way is not a good option. One of you should always take the responsibility to check your behavior before you try changing your spouse’s behavior. These little things simply keep the love alive.

If you’re in the first year of your marriage or the beginning stages, always remember that your behavior, attitude, and the habits that you engage in this period of marriage will set the tone for your married life for years to come. Always give importance to celebrating, respecting, loving, and prioritizing your married life each and every day.

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