7 Thoughtful Ideas That Will Make Guests Love Your Wedding

7 thoughtful ideas that will make guests love your wedding

“Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility”

Whenever I a invited to a wedding reception I just think about how will I paste a fake smile and say that I am enjoying the reception when actually I am not as it is dull. Now you may how can a party be dull, well if you attend your friend’s wedding and all you do is gossip with other friends or just stand there with a glass in hand it is dull. And the bride and the groom is busy entertaining their families because they have to. So, this time when my best friend was getting married we decided to add some quarky fun to the reception party and plan it in such a way that every guest can actually have a bit of fun.

Indians weddings are the most extravagant affair and we love to spend lavishly on weddings and its arrangements. In India, wedding celebration is not just limited to the couple, but the whole family is a part of the celebration. But we also know that wedding day is undoubtedly the most important and special day for any couple as it is the first step to the new beginning of their life. And, they definitely leave no stone unturned to make this day entertaining and also create some magical moments on this day which they will remember all their life. Well, it is definitely a great thing to put in so much efforts to make sure that your wedding day is really a memorable affair. But, would you not want your guests to feel the same? I am sure you would!

“To entertain a guest is to make yourself responsible for his happiness so long as he is beneath your roof”

So, why not give your guests a wedding party that they will remember not only for the mind blowing food but also because of the fun they had. Here are 7 Thoughtful Ideas That Will Make Guests Love Your Wedding:

Wish On A Wishing Tree:

This is certainly a great way to make your guests feel special and important on your wedding. A wishing tree kept at the entrance of your wedding will let all your loved ones leave their special messages, wishes, and advices for you and your partner which you can keep them as a souvenir. This tree is very easy to make as you just need to take few long dried branches and put them in a beautiful vase and then make small cards with a ribbon attached to it for tying. You can leave a message by it asking your guests to write a message and tie it on the tree.

What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say:

Your guests make your wedding day special by joining you on this day to share your happiness. So, it is also your responsibility and duty to make them feel special as well. And, to do the same, you can spread happiness with some fortune cookies stuffed with some good luck messages for them. This would really make them feel special.

Crazy Photo Shoot Booth:

Nowadays we all hire a wedding photographer to shoot our wedding so why not ask him to set up a photo booth which is a fun way to make your guests enjoy at your wedding. Ask your photographer to set up this photo booth with some cool props and really funky accessories. While you can ask your friends and family members to hold out these signs and take pictures creating beautiful and funny memories for life.

Give Yourself A Tag:

DIY gestures are gaining popularity in the Indian wedding ceremonies. Whether it is your wedding reception or any other wedding ritual you can add a little fun by making tags for your friends and families. The tags can be like ‘I am the bride’s best friend’ or ‘I am someone’s favorite cousin’. Then you can ask them to wear those tags during the occasion and you can get clicked by flaunting those tags. It will just be kind of fun.

Show Your Love:

Nowadays video montage has become very popular as every bride is making one or their friends and family are making one for the newlyweds. It is just a way to express your love. So, on the wedding day or during the reception party you can make a video for all your loved ones. It can be a thank you token which will definitely touch the right cords with all the pictures and other interview videos that you would include. This will also make your guests feel special as they are there to make your day special.

Customize Your Bouquet:

Well, until now I was speaking generally about weddings but now let get into a particular wedding idea. If you are a Christian bride well then you can have a bouquet prepared according to some of the guest’s favorite flowers. Like flower that your uncle likes or may be your maternal aunt. This is another way to make them feel special. You can also do the same for your some of the other guests. You can get to know their favorite colour and hand over a flower of that colour when they enter.

Unique Return Gifts:

Return gifts at wedding? Many of you might think it is odd but why not tell them thank you with a small gift so that they can feel special that they visited the wedding and now they are leaving with a smile as you gave them a reason to remember the wedding. You can give something very different instead of the traditional sweet box. You can give them some exotic herbs that they can use packed up in a very classy way with a thank you note attached to it.

Well, now your guests can leave your wedding with a smile and they will definitely talk about this wedding but not for the mouthwatering food or how beautiful you looked but about all the fun they had at the wedding party and of course about the return gift.

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