6 Major Wedding Trends For 2018 To Watch Out For!

Wedding Trends For 2018

There are many trends that come in and go out and we do not even get to know of them. But nowadays I should thank the Bollywood movies and social media that we get to know about all the latest wedding trends. No one does weddings like Indian movies. I mean where else would you find weddings that are so colourful, filled with music and dance and some beautiful outfits to look out for. They keep you glued to the TV screen for hours and makes you wonder what if even you had a wedding like that.

Well, in my family, if a girl says that she wants to have a Bollywood style wedding the men would definitely run for shelter. But which girls does not want to get married where she could feel like a princess out of a fairytale. From our childhood we girls plan our wedding from the venue to the outfit to the hair style and even the kind of makeup we would do. We have everything chalked out to the minute detail and we never allow anyone to mess with that. Every girl wants their dream wedding as it is the best day of their life.

But nowadays not only trends but also cultures are changing, with the income of matrimonial sites like Hindu marriage sites and wedding planners the weddings are losing the personal touch to it. To me it all feels like staged but nonetheless there is always something good that comes out of such changes and in this case the changes has brought in some coolest trends that is not only at for western weddings but also Indian weddings.

Here Are Some Of The Wedding Trends For 2018:

Printed Dance Floor:

Dance floor became a part of weddings few years back but recently I saw something very unique being done with the dance floor. There are many couple who are opting for marble dance floor or a dance floor with something written on it that matches the theme of the wedding décor. Such kind of dance floor has been witnessed in some of the elite weddings and it seems like this trend is here to stay even through 2018.

Hues Of Blue:

If we talk about the outfit well, then I must say that the bridal colours like red and pink are losing their touch as the hues of blue has started to trend this season. And with the look of it I can say that it is here for good and would be quit a hit in 2018. From ice blue to mint blue to the darker and richer shades of blue. Each of the shade is looks great on brides. If you are not comfortable with the colour on your wedding day, why not make it the colour for any other ceremony.

Flower Ceilings And Trellis:

Flower decoration has been one of the oldest way of decorating in India. But the latest trend of flower ceilings is just adding on to that beauty. Flower ceilings look beautiful basically in the mandaps and even at the area the bride would sit for her haldi and mehendi functions. They stand out from the rest of the décor and gives a very dramatic look to the area. This look would make every girl’s fairytale wedding dream come true. These pretty flowers from the ceilings look beautiful in the most unexpected way possible.

Green Elements Instead Of Floral:

Floral decoration no doubt looks very beautiful but when it is done in too much it hurts the eyes rather than being soothing. So, why not mix and match a bit. For instance, if you are doing the ceilings with floral why not let the center pieces be of green elements. I have even seen weddings were the mandap was made of all green elements. It seems in the year 2018 green elements will be the new floral.

Translucent Tents:

Indians have been making cloth tents for weddings for ages now. But the new thing that is raging is the translucent tents. You might wonder what is the benefit of using it well, firstly it gives a clean and minimal look to your wedding venue. You might remember how in the movie ‘Harry Potter and Deathly Hallow part 2’ harry was awed when he went inside the tent in the wedding scene. Am sure you do. Well, that is the second benefit it gives an illusion of bigger space. And finally, they look magical with all the twinkle lights.

Intimate Weddings:

At Indian weddings there are 60% of people who are just there to talk about all those things which as per them could have been better. And the rest 40% are those who are actually there to bless the newlyweds. Then why not invite only them in that way you can have the wedding that you dreamt of without cutting any corners. This concept will be reigning concept in 2018 not only because you would get to spend your best phase with the people you love but also because Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s wedding gave us the perfect intimate wedding goals.

These are some of the wedding trends of 2018 that would make your weddings beautiful. These trends are something that could be easily incorporated in any Indian wedding as these days every Indian wedding has dash of westernization in them. So, what’s the harm in making your wedding look right out of some bridal magazine.

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