5 Bridal Beauty Trends Inspired By Anushka Sharma

bridal beauty trends

The calendar has changed but yet some of us are not yet done being awed by the wedding, mehendi, engagement and then the two grand reception pictures of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. There is not an inch of doubt that it was indeed the wedding of the season. Who would have thought that all those wedding speculations were actually true. I am a movie buff but certainly not the one who concentrates on all those celebrity gossip columns but when I saw their Instagram announcement with their wedding picture it awed rather than being shocked.

The thing that awed me was how beautiful Anushka Sharma looked as a bride. A celebrity bride has always a ton of makeup but her look was simple or in better words, she had a typical girl next door look on her wedding. Our grandparents always say that stay simple and you will look the best version of you but we get so carried away by all those onscreen brides that we end up donning too much makeup sometimes. I have even seen brides who actually turn out to look scary on their wedding day because their makeup goes all wrong. So, why not this year we take inspiration from Anushka Sharma.

Here Are Some Of The Bridal Beauty Trends Inspired By Anushka Sharma:

Limited Makeup Look:

These days everyone is hiring a professional makeup artist for their wedding makeup and the artist makes it a point that you look perfect on your special day but sometimes things go wrong and you do not look the way you imagined. It might be because the make does not go with your outfit or simply the time of the wedding. But how many of us have thought of just a simple limited makeup look or in other words no makeup look? I bet none of us can imagine that. But Anushka Sharma’s wedding look was something that we can say no makeup look. She just had the basics on such as soft kohl rimmed eyes and a nude lipstick. There is no doubt that it was a very refreshing look for any Indian bride.

Statement Hair Style:

Every bride these days are so much inspired by the Bollywood wedding that they prefer to keep their hair down for all the wedding functions. They even think that tying their hair into a bun would give them off as a traditional bride and not a modern one but Anushka Sharma changed that look out for the would-be brides as except for her mehendi she tied her hair into a sleek bun for all the other functions. The high point of her hair do be flowers on the bun and center partition which is considered to be traditional but in her case, it looked so modern.

Flowers Are Not Old Fashion:

Anushka Sharma clearly bought back the flower in the bun look with her wedding.Putting a flower in the bun was a something done by our mothers and grandmothers on their wedding. But these days, brides prefer decorative combs for their bun on the wedding day. But Anushka Sharma was spotted donning roses to peonies in her bun in a way that it completely covered her hair. For the Delhi reception, she was spotted with the traditional gajra around the bun. This was something that awed me about her looks as it was simply stunning and breathtaking. The flower did not look tacky at all rather it gave a simple and classy look.

Simple Kohl Rimmed Eyes Rather Than Smoky Eyes:

Every bride goes for the smoky eye look specially for their reception and cocktail party. It is the highest trend this season but by the end of 2017 brides to be have started to rethink their wedding reception look as Anushka Sharma opted for a simple kohl rimmed eye look for her reception as well as her engagement. She did not opt for the smoky eyes rather even her whole get-up was traditional with red bindi and sindoor. She looked the perfect traditional bride but yet had a dash of modernity in her look.

The No-contour Look:

Contouring is an International trend that is highly trending in India. Be it brides or a simple girl going for a party everyone goes for contouring these days and it looks good when done subtly but yet it has a tendency to stand out in your face. It is not that it looks bad or something but sometimes it does go wrong. But Anushka Sharma decided to skip this trend completely and chose the subtle look with kohl rimmed eyes, pink eye shadow, and nude pink lips. Her this minimal makeup gave her a fresh and fabulous look that won everyone’s heart. There is nothing better than embracing your natural beauty and your facial features as they are.

A simple bride is a beautiful bride; is something we have heard from our elders but now we can even see why they say so. Too much makeup might cover-up your own personality and that is something you do not want to do on your wedding. Stay as simple as you can and you would turn out be a head turner at your wedding.

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