5 Best Keepsake Wedding Favors

wedding favors

Do you remember taking return gifts home from birthday parties as kids? I bet you do. Most of us went to the parties just for them at least I did. I had many friends and I did not wish to go to all their parties, but the thought of return gifts took me to those parties. Well, this was just 6 or 7 years old me talking but now as a grown up I still don’t like parties but what if even those parties have return gifts strange right? You might be thinking how can weddings have return gifts? Well, why can’t they? It might be something new in India but not if we consider the rest of world.

Wedding favors have always been a part of the wedding in the west. It is a kind of a thank you token for all the guests for coming to the wedding and blessing the newlyweds. This concept has started to form roots in India as well because of globalization. People these days are preferring to give wedding favors to their guests to thank them for attending the auspicious day of their life. It is also a good thought at least people would not talk about all the things that went wrong at the wedding because it is a wedding and things are supposed to fall out of place and there is supposed to be a little family drama.

But still, you can send your guests home happy and talk about all the good things with the best keepsake wedding favors. So, here are some ideas for you:

Beauty Themed Wedding Favors:

Imagine returning from a wedding with some organic lip balm and essential oil as wedding favors. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I bet it would be. You would love it and would also thank the bride for days to come. I mean which woman does not like such wedding favors right! The best thing about such beautiful wedding favor is that it requires an exquisite packaging. So as a bride make sure that you take time to theme your custom wrapping as well as the labels to the colors of the wedding. You can also include a little message with the favor as a thank you note. There are many things that can be a part of beauty-themed wedding favor so, what you include in the wrapping depends on you and the party favor budget that you have decided.

Something Edible:

You do not have to be a foodie to enjoy something edible as a wedding favor. That does not mean that I say that foodies cannot enjoy it, actually, it does not matter whether you are a foodie or not because everyone enjoys taking home something edible as a wedding favor. You can offer your guest a gift box and ask them to pick up what they want from the wedding favor takeaway snack table. You can arrange the table to have things like cookies to chocolates. Now, won’t that be fun to choose what you want and take it home with you. It would also be a nice way to remember the wedding to just attended.

Destination Themed Favors:

Don’t you like to go on trips with your better half? Don’t you think that it would be great to have same luggage bags and tags as well? Well, the honeymooning couple would love to get something like this. Not only them it would also be a perfect wedding favor for all the couples. Well, why not give all the guests customized couple baggage tags as wedding favors. So, that whenever they go on trips they would remember your wedding. A sweet gesture would not only make your wedding remembered but also you would be thanked for it again and again.

Music And Memories As Favors:

It is possible that you are having a small wedding and there are not many guests but just your friends and family, but you still want them to take back something with them that would remind them of the wedding for the days to come. So why not gift them a flash drive with all the memories and the music in it. So, that whenever they watch it they can smile and remember that day and all the fun they had. Wouldn’t that be the good way to thank them for attending the wedding?

Mini Champagne And Wine Bottles:

Who does not like such exquisite drinks? And again, it has always been considered to be the best favor to give. So, why not give each of your guests a mini champagne or wine bottle as a wedding favor and attach a sweet note with it so that they can remember your wedding whenever they decide to open the bottle.

Well, aren’t these wedding favor ideas just different than what you would have imagined. So, why not try them out!

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