Have You Packed These Destination Wedding Essentials?

Brides are you ready to fly out to the destination for your dream wedding? But being ready for the wedding that is mental preparation is not enough because you might be already going crazy because of all the arrangements that need to be done of the wedding at the location that you have chosen. Read More

Signs That Will Tell You, That He is The Perfect Guy for You!

Ask any couple who has been married for more than a decade now, they would tell you that a marriage is not only about love but there are many layers to it and those layers may not be very distinct but that does not mean that there aren’t any. Well, I am a very curious person by nature so while just casually making fun of my friend who recently got married I asked her how is her life after marriage. Read More

Things Your Groom Is Thinking—But Won’t Tell You

Your wedding day is yet a month away but you are engrossed with the arrangements but something is bothering you and that might be that why is your groom always making excuses when you ask him to join you for something or the other. You might have had fights with him already. Well, well, well, please it is your wedding do not argue with him already as you would get time for all those arguments after marriage. Read More

Things Every Bride Expects From Her Groom – Revealed!

There is no doubt that every bride to be wants a fairytale wedding. She has been dreaming about this day for years. Actually, I must say from the time when she did not even understand the concept of marriage, she has been planning her wedding day. The type of jewelry she would wear, the type of outfit she would choose and all the decorations that would be there during her wedding. Read More

Offbeat Bridal Portraits You Just Can’t Miss!

“Pictures capture the moments that our hearts want to revisit”

I have been to many weddings and I have not seen a single bride say no to pictures. Well, why should they, after all, they go through all those hours to get that perfect bridal look so that they could show off and get their pictures taken. Read More

9 New Jaimala Trends Without Roses

Jaimala is a ritual followed in Indian weddings where, the bride and groom exchange fresh flower garlands with each other. This ceremony is not just considered to be the meeting of two souls, but rather the union of the two families, amalgamation of tradition, values, and customs which would make the entire wedding complete. Read More

Cool New Indo-Western Fusion Desserts To Serve At Indian Wedding!

“Kuch Mitha Ho Jaye”

 A very common slogan that we have been hearing for a very long time now. Cadbury came up this slogan long ago and it is very true when considered us Indians as sweets are part of all the emotions in our life be it happiness or sadness sweets are always there.Read More

Must Have Lehenga Choli Accessories To Raise Your Oomph Factor

“Fashion fades, style is eternal”

It has been said time and again that fashion keeps changing with time. We have seen that the quintessential Lehenga choli has been through multitude changes through time so has the accessories that are worn with it. It is true that these days people believe in minimalistic fashion but just tell have you ever seen a bride following this trend? Read More

5 Spring Wedding Decor Trends to Know

Wedding season is again here and everyone is busy planning out their spring summer outfit, makeup, and hair but what about the décor, have you thought about it because all those decors that you have seen at winter and summer weddings will not cut out because yours is a spring wedding and you need a wedding décor that is spring specific to your outfit and makeup.
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