Hairstyle Trends For Different Wedding Functions!

“The right hairstyle can make the plain women beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable”

You must have sorted out all your outfits for each of your wedding function, even your accessories match your outfit for the day but what about your hairstyle? Are you planning to go for that same age-old hairstyle that every bride does, if you are then I would suggest thinking again!Read More

Experience The Sweetness Of Bengali Marriage

Being a Bengali myself I have been a part of Bengali marriages from a very young age. Sometimes all I can remember is being a ‘Nitbou’ in my aunt’s wedding was my first wedding but when I go through the wedding albums at home I realize I were a part our family weddings even before that. Read More

The Elegant Rituals Of Kshatriya Wedding

We are aware of the Hindu caste system and we also know that Kshatriyas are the second in line after the Brahmins. During any Hindu marriage, be it arranged or love this is one of the biggest points that is considered before they say, ‘I do’. But these days, matrimonial sites have gained a lot of popularity because of its availability but even then, people want caste and religionRead More

Bollywood Brides And Their Gorgeous Wedding Day Look

Every girl wants to be a princess when she grows up and this dream has remained the same for generations. My mother said I used to say this and I have heard my sister say the same. But in reality when a girl grows up all she wants to be is a Bollywood bride. Read More

Small Food Additions That Your Guests Would Love At Your Wedding

What do you look forward to when you go to a wedding in India? All of you will have various answers to this simple question but if you ask me I would say just one word and that is food. All of us go to a wedding, greet the bride and the groom and straight head to the food section, well along the way we may pass few knowing glances but that’s it. Read More

Wedding Day Essentials You Will Actually Use for Years to Come!

When you are getting married you wonder what will you do with all that heavy wedding jewelry that you don on your wedding day. They are too traditional to wear on normal days and then they are made of gold, so you would be skeptical about wearing them at parties. So, will they just be like an asset you own at some bank locker? Read More

Responsibilities Of The Maid Of Honor At An Indian Wedding

It is a fact that the concept of having a ‘Maid of Honor’ for your wedding is very Western, but these days most Indian brides are choosing to follow this trend. Most of you might ask who is a‘Maid of Honor’ actually, well she is the bride’s chief attendant and it is actually a privilege to be appointed as a ‘Maid of Honour’ at a wedding. Read More

Bridal Jewelry Trends For 2018 Brides

“Jewelry has the power to be the little thing that makes you feel unique”

Whenever we talk about an Indian bride the first thing we think about is the jewelry. Well, I would not say that you shouldn’t, after all, we are women and jewelry are our best friend. I have been to many weddings and something that I have always wondered that how can a bride don so many jewelry for such length of time. Read More