Significance Of The Mehendi Ceremony In Indian Wedding

Mehendi ceremony is a very important pre-wedding ceremony in an Indian wedding. The beautiful bride adorns her hands and feet with beautiful mehendi designs. As per the traditions go, even the groom applies a little mehendi on his hands as well as his feet. An entire ceremony is a fun-filled event and every family member and close friends of both the bride and the groom becomes a part of this celebration. Read More

Marriage Versus Live In Relationships – Which Is Better?

There was a time when live in relationship is India was considered sin. Though am not saying that this thinking has completely changed but people now a days have become more open to the concept. Living in a big town I usually see couples renting flat and staying together before marriage. I never understood why the rules were so strict earlier as live in relationships has its benefits as well. Staying with the person you love under the same roof helps you to understand his life style and also brings the two of you closer. Read More

Pre-Marriage Rituals In Hindu Culture: A Glimpse Into Indian Weddings

In India, we follow many rituals during the wedding. You can be of any cast, region or culture each wedding has their own set of rituals and they are really fun filled but still I hear people say that these rituals have no significance and they are just a part of the tradition which is being followed for ages. Some even say that these rituals are superstitious but actually each and every ritual that we follow has a significance which can be explained by science.
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Sangeet Ceremony In Indian Weddings – How Can You Make It Extravaganza

Indian wedding is filled with many ceremonies and each of them is more colorful and fun-filled than the other. But the one ceremony that the bride and the groom and their friends and family wait for is the sangeet ceremony. Well, even I feel that the sangeet ceremony is one of the best ceremonies as it is the only night when each and every one lets their hair down and they have fun to the brim. Read More

Top Must Ask Questions In An Arranged Marriage Setup

Most of the time I find myself in situations where I am giving my friends advice about love and relationship and the worst part about these situations are that you are on the spot and there are some people asking you questions like what was your checklist to select your soul mate. Love and relationship are not any job interview that you have to check off a checklist. I always feel the perfect person is the one who is not just perfect on paper but can relate with you and your bond with him or her is perfect.Read More

Arranged Marriage: What To Ask A Guy In First Meeting

Whenever we think of arranged marriage we get a little biased as we do not know how the guy might be and meeting them for the first time makes us nervous well that creates most of the problem. Arranged marriage has always been a part of the Indian society and almost 90% of the marriages in India are arranged. I feel that this biasness is because every girl dreams about a guy who will give her feeling of butterflies in her stomach. But that is certainly not possible in an arranged marriage but what if I told you that it is possible only if you give it a chance.Read More

10 Things Every Woman Wants Her Mother-In-Law To Know

Whenever we think of mother-in-law we get the image of a disapproving and nagging woman. But this is not the scenario in real life. We get this notion because of all those movies and the TV shows. But remember they are fiction and not reality. I am not saying that everyone is really good but always keep an open mind when you enter a new home because they do not know you and neither do you know them. If you have pre conceived notion it might not turn out fruitful for your relation.Read More

The Dos And Don’ts Of Choosing Wedding Ceremony Music

“Marriage is like music, both are playing different instruments and different parts, but as long as you are playing from the same sheet music you can create something beautiful”

Being a girl I know how every girl dreams of their wedding day from a very young age. From dress to hair to wedding themes everything is decided even before they can find a groom for themselves and sometimes even before they are of legal age. Read More

Hindu Wedding Rituals – What Make Hindu Marriage So Special

As the wedding season is almost here I usually get invitation to various wedding ceremony. There is no doubt that Hindu wedding ceremonies are very vibrant and fun filled. But something that always made me wonder is the Hindu wedding rituals and what is so special about them.Read More

Top Wedding Themes – Get Inspired With These Fab Ideas

Nowadays no wants a simple wedding every bride I see wants something different. A wedding theme that is out of the box. Weddings in India has always been a grand event with complete pomp and show. You might say that it is the influence of all those Bollywood movies but haven’t Indian weddings always been this grand of an event?Read More